A Mini-Day with Papa Martin

My dad got with me a few weeks ago about getting together for the day.  We decided on a day that Olivia was home and decided to take a drive out to Cedar Key.  As most people know around here, Cedar Key is under some minor reconstruction after a hurricane came through about a month ago.  I wasn't really worried that we wouldn't be able to find something to do-since the weekend before they had a Pirates Festival out there :)

On our way to CK we stopped and had some breakfast in Chielfand.  It was kind of warming to my heart to be back in my high school town.  Though I don't really miss it to much, lol.  Who would, right?  I hated living there for the most part.  It wasn't a warm and friendly place, at first.  But were we live now, it's a very warm and open community.  Our boys are loving their lives and their high school (school day) years-so far.

Moving on.

We finally made it to CK.  Dad wasn't feeling great, so we didn't stay long...so I don't have fun photos of O basking in the sun and surf...but here is some from our quick road trip.  All the photos were taken with my iPhone & are unedited ;)



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