6th Anniversary

Well, this past weekend was my sixth wedding anniversary with hubs.  We had planned a semi-romantic weekend away to Georgia; just the two of us - but the weekend didn't go as planned.  It was our weekend with all three kids-and we had a hard time finding someone to watch them.  Ah well, plans change all the time-why would an anniversary day be any different.

We wanted until Sunday evening to go out and celebrate, having dinner at a local dive in Lake City that we like to frequent.  It was enjoyable & I will forward to another year of annoying my dear sweet hubs.

I was hoping to get a few photos of me and hubs together, but by the time he was done getting ready I forgot all about it....this particular "selfie" was taken while waiting for him to get done.  Who knew a guy could take so long to get ready for a dinner date?  LOL!  He takes way longer then I do.


  1. You are a beautiful woman.
    Love the dimple.


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