Reebok Elsa's WHAT?

Olivia received some money from her Aunt Crystal for her birthday.  We decided that we were going to buy her a new pair of shoes with the cash.  Did some research on AMAZON.COM to find a cute pair of shoes & look at these little sweet-things that I found!  Now only are they SILVER & PINK....but they are Elsa's.....and Reebok.  How cute are they?  Tennis shoes that are disguised as mary janes?  What?  Anyway, thanks to Prime-these bad boys will be here soon (along with some much needed coffee restock).  I can't want for her to wear them when she comes back home.

O is a little shoe obsessed & is quickly growing out of all of her current shoes-so these can't get here soon enough.  My next goal is to find her a new pair of crocs.  She had a melt down when she outgrew her first pair, literally the only time she's ever thrown a fit like tantrum was when Billy wouldn't let her wear her crocs because they were to small and had rubbed a nasty blister on the inside of her tender little fit.  Tears for hours.  I replaced those with a pair of silver glittery crocs-which she gets tons of compliments on & that just makes her beam even more with pride for her easy slip on shoes.  I just wonder if this is going to cause another melt down, because we are getting very close to having them not fit anymore & the up size is to big......Lord help us!



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