Fort White Football - First Game Ya'll

Last night was our first FWMS football game.  We played at Arrowhead Stadium in Fort White against Richardson Middle School.  We didn't seem ready right off the get go & it seemed we continued that trend all the way up to the end.  I saw a lot of boys acting like they were playing touch football with their buddies (no one was wrapping up); and I saw a lot of giving up.  But it was still fun to watch the boys give it a shot.  It takes a lot of guts to try out for football, make the team & then play against kids that seemingly are bigger and better then you are!  We did make two touchdowns....but Richardson made many many more lol!

Brittney B. - Sneak Peek.

Seriously, how lucky am I?

Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she's beautiful on the inside.  Such a wonderful young lady.  I feel pretty blessed that she's so willing to drive out to meet me and go on crazy adventures with me - all the while I am snapping photos of her.

We used these gorgeous locations this weekend & really made magic together.  The lighting was so incredible at the river-I couldn't help but stop and look at some of the images I had captured of her-I was like OMG GOOSE BUMPS....and I turned the camera round for her to see and she screamed "DON'T STOP SHOOTING".....which only made us pause to laugh at how silly & excited we were.....thanks made my day!!!!

Regrets? Naw.......why bother....

Are you living a life to be proud of, or do you go to bed at night wishing you'd done something-said something, or maybe wish you'd have kept your mouth shut?

Maylee Jean

Sunday Shopper

It never seems to fail, I always find the cutest stuff when I don't have any extra cash to be spending on myself.  I want some ripped jeans pretty badly-however I don't want them to expose skin & these jeans from Maurice's fit the bill perfectly.  I could pair it with this crisp white lace top, some brown boots....a cute tribal scarf & call it a day!  The perfect outfit for my fall family photos!

Found this little beauty on Rue21's website.  Cute cute cute. I have bought a few shirts from them & they are very inexpensive....which is great-however, you do get what you pay for.  I have had some oddly made (huge sleeve on one side, tiny sleeve on another)....

Where are your favorite places to shop?  (the above top also found at Rue21)
& I don't know why I am so in love with florals this season - but I blame Torrid....

Granny's 60th Birthday Party

Granny's birthday party was a success, so much so that I really didn't get that many photos, I was to busy having fun and socializing with the family!

Miss KT Ya'll

Oh happy is the day that this beautiful young lady offered to model for me.  We really made magic together.  I'd like to thank you Seven Hills Farms for allowing us to use your beautiful property to take these images.  Everything about this day and session was perfect....the hair, the outfits, the sunlight, the weather - we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

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Newness....and stuff

How are we loving my new blog layout/template?  I love love love it.  I am still waiting for my "logo" but it's supposed to be made within 48 hours.  Let's hope so, because I can't wait to make my space gorgeous ya'll!

Speaking of gorgeous....look at this sweet face......


Does Coffee Really Make Things Better?

Medical News Today says that "a cup of coffee in the morning may pack more then just an energy boost.  More and more research is emerging to suggest that there may be several health benefits associated with drinking this dark black beverage, from helping prevent diabetes to lowering the risk of liver disease.

I am flawed.

It's true, I am flawed.  But that's okay-because so are you.  That's the wonderful and horrible thing about being a human being.  And if you are one of many, I am sad to say, out there living in this world thinking you're perfect or your shit doesn't stink-I honestly feel sorry for you.

It's no longer a bad thing to be different, we are all embracing each other these days it seems.  I for one am happy about that.  But acceptance is universal, it's not just acceptance for what you deem worthy of accepting.  If you want, and preach it-you must want it for all-not just for "people like you".

I am on a journey to learn to really love and accept myself, because how can I do this for others if I look at myself & tell myself all the things I hate about myself on a daily basis, over and over again.

This is a raw subject for me, because I have literally lived my entire life thinking I wasn't good enough.  I wasn't a good enough daughter, or a cool enough friend, not a smart enough student, not a good enough mother, or a sexy enough girl/woman worthy of something good, romantic and wonderful.  I made choices based on this fucked up view of myself-choices that affected me and affected people in my life that I love, and honestly I still do.

I have come a long way baby, but I still have a long way to go.  Hopefully by the time I am 90 years old I can truly say, I love myself.

I have been called many names as a child by people I trusted & who I was entrusted to.  I was picked on in school, for being to skinny and tall.  I have even been attacked as an adult for being "fat" so I deserved my husband being unfaithful to me, and that was the reason-as if again, I just wasn't good enough for a man to be faithful to me.

Simple minds-make simple accusations, yet they stick with you and linger in the back of your mind, even if you laughed them off at the time.

I am hopelessly flawed; and I have never aimed to be perfect for anyone.  I have stretch marks, scars, bits of fat in areas some people don't.  I have freckles, moles & skin that has had to much sun and skin that never even sees the sun.  I never do my hair, and I have never learned how to put on make up.

But I am funny, I am loyal, I am faithful, forgiving and forgetful.  I am strong, and hardworking.  I am good mom, and I love all my kids.  I try to be generous, and I love cooking and eating :).....

This is who I am, and why not love me? 

I'm a DIVA but.....

So, am I really living in the dark?  It appears that I must be.  Just today, while surfing Facebook I see a post that a fellow photographer put into a group that I am in, about Photography and any & everything.  She posts a photo of something I've never seen & the caption was "I am terrified"....I had to read the comments to figure out what it was that was photographed & what she was terrified about.

People posting called it a "diva cup"....when I googled it - it says it's a menstrual cup.  I shit you not, a cup that you insert into your V to hold the blood.  You pull it out and dump the blood, rinse and reinsert.  I guess the concept is much like a tampon - but of course, nothing is's just stored.

I am not sure if I should be terrified as well, or thrilled at this new discovery.  I swear I do not live under a rock but I have never heard of such a thing before in my life.  Have you!?

Reebok Elsa's WHAT?

Olivia received some money from her Aunt Crystal for her birthday.  We decided that we were going to buy her a new pair of shoes with the cash.  Did some research on AMAZON.COM to find a cute pair of shoes & look at these little sweet-things that I found!  Now only are they SILVER & PINK....but they are Elsa's.....and Reebok.  How cute are they?  Tennis shoes that are disguised as mary janes?  What?  Anyway, thanks to Prime-these bad boys will be here soon (along with some much needed coffee restock).  I can't want for her to wear them when she comes back home.

O is a little shoe obsessed & is quickly growing out of all of her current shoes-so these can't get here soon enough.  My next goal is to find her a new pair of crocs.  She had a melt down when she outgrew her first pair, literally the only time she's ever thrown a fit like tantrum was when Billy wouldn't let her wear her crocs because they were to small and had rubbed a nasty blister on the inside of her tender little fit.  Tears for hours.  I replaced those with a pair of silver glittery crocs-which she gets tons of compliments on & that just makes her beam even more with pride for her easy slip on shoes.  I just wonder if this is going to cause another melt down, because we are getting very close to having them not fit anymore & the up size is to big......Lord help us!


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