Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's the End of the World.....

As we know it......

These past few years I have watched so many different things going on in our country....horrible things.  It really makes me wonder what we have in store for ourselves as we approach our "golden years".  What did we do to this country and how will we ultimately pay for it.  What did we do to our children, is a better question I guess.

It seems the majority of the young people creating or assisting in creating a horrible way of life are so self entitled and seemingly don't take responsibility for their own actions-it's always someone elses fault.

I worry a bit to much about these things as we approach our election year.  We all know what that already is forecasted to look like.

It makes me look at my own life & the life of my children & want to keep setting a good example.  I have recently stopped letting most people step all over me and my feelings.  I will continue to learn how to walk away from toxic friendships & relationships with family that bring nothing to the table but grief or simply bring nothing to the table.  I have a few more friend weeding to do; but I am getting there.  I will continue to learn how to treat myself with more respect by seeking out medical attention sooner when I am having a pain, or just feel like something isn't right a lot sooner.  I will continue to cook, teach, train, spend time with the people who do love me & want to be around me-regardless of what they've done to OTHERS (so I will continue to try to accept people who are not "perfect"-especially when they are actively trying to not only be a better person but be in our lives).

What else can I do?  I have three more human beings left to raise.  I only pray I can continue to do a good job and continue to show them the way.

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  1. This is so good....I feel the same way ... all these good intentions -- just gotta make ourselves follow through.