Thursday, July 07, 2016

Body Shaming.

So recently, I have been reading a lot of articles (wildly viral right now) about people being mom shamed, body shamed, fat shamed, the list goes on and on and on......and people act like this is something new.  I guess now that the internet is so much more vastly used & every one has a camera on it - it's just so much easier to draw attention to yourself or your cause.


Since I was young, young enough to form a memory-I have experienced someone trying to body shame me.  I have been teased for being to tall, to skinny, to fat, boobs not being big enough, boobs being to big, clothing being to tight, clothing being to loose, hair being to red, legs being long...the list goes on and on.  People who have done this have been friends, family, co workers and strangers.

Regardless of what you look like, or what you're wearing you should be able to go and be some place without someone picking on you, being rude to you or treating you in general like shit.

Now, having said that-when all my own personal body shaming was going on, I was dressed appropriately for the situation.  There was a short period of my life, in my early 20's where I wore a lot of spandex but we won't talk about that right now....hehe.

My point is, we are living in a new world.  Everyone is trying to put out the vibe that everyone is can be black, gay, transgender, or just not know what the fuck you are & you are to be accepted by society or risk punishment by law.  But a woman can't be to skinny, to fit, to slutty, or to fat....because that is just not accepted.

I don't accept that, ya'll!

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