Saturday, June 11, 2016


What does R.A.F. mean?  It means "Resilient as Fuck"  That is what I am, that is what my sister Molly is & that is what my sister Jessica is as well.

We have weathered a lot of shit over the years.  Some of this shit we have fought our way through together, some of it against each other (but together), and some of it we've done on our own.  But we continue to battle.

I attribute this to the other strong woman in our family tree who paved the way.  Such as my grandma Martin (dads mom) and my grandma Haug (moms mom).  These ladies are alive and well to this day, living without their husbands who have passed years ago.  They rage on.  Showing us, the harder sadder days are to come-so pick up our pathetic cry baby heads and march on little solider.  You got this...

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