The other day I was out in my yard watering my plants & was suddenly swarmed my a multitude of flying insects all all shapes and sizes.  Some of them were almost invisible.  I either have to find some sort of natural (non stinky) form of bus repellent or the plants are just going to have to fend for themselves (aka die off)!

I just can't stand it, all fucking buzzing in my ear...biting my soft tender arm skin (aka fat).  Let's face it, bugs are assholes & they don't care if you're white, black, purple or green-skinny, thin, naked or clothed they're going to find your most tender area & bite bite bite!!!!


I guess that means that the SUMMER in FLORIDA has really began, even though it's been like 100 degrees & raining every day since April-we are NOW just entering "summer"......and it seems like the entire country is catching up to Florida's nasty little heatwaves according to the "Weather Channel".  Looks like Billy needs to start digging-mama wants a pool!  And I don't mean that plastic blow up slippery ankle breaker we currently are using to cool off in lol!!!!



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