Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Mr. Stone

I don't really have many photos to share from our weekend adventures at the Newberry ballpark where Xander had his baseball tournament.  It rained so much that I didn't feel it was safe to bring my camera out with us.  We actually got soaked on Sunday in the middle of their game.  But after much rain, much lightening & much parents bitching we were able to carry on and finish up the game-which we lost to Union.  The same team we smoked 8-0 the night before-go figure.

Once we were finally home from Sundays adventures-we were all tired and cold.  Watched Game of Thrones & Preacher...snuggled up in the bed and passed the f-out!  Only to be woken up a little after midnight with the bright bedroom lights & my husband standing at the foot of the bed telling me he needed me to take him to the emergency room!  Low and behold, three hours later we find out he's passing another kidney stone.  No place in Lake City was open to fill his prescription once we were finally released.  I won't tell you how we managed his pain through the night-but we did.  In bed just before the crack of dawn just to get a few hours of sleep before the kids were up needing breakfast & of course-the husband needing his "drugs".  It was a long ass day yesterday, but we survived it.
But in other news, here is my Xander getting on base!  Nice solid base hit!

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