Selfie Nightmare

The other day, I was going through some old photos that I have stored online and there were literally 1000s of photos that I had taken of myself & saved/stored.  I am certain, at some point these beasts graced the pages of my "myspace" page (ya know that shit was cool back in the day ya'll).....

No Matter Where you Turn

It seems every time I turn around I see someone posting a story about someone else's child being seriously injured or killed in a freak accident.  You go through countless posts about how the parents are doing this wrong and how the parents are doing that wrong, and how they would NEVER do this and they would NEVER do that....and the fact of the matter is, we do those things every day-we just have been lucky enough to not have something horrible happen to us.

When did we go from being "it takes a village to raise a child" to "fuck you girl, you took your eyes off your child for two seconds"?

Right or wrong, in accidental situations - should we just be supportive?  Am I living in a dream world?  Why put nasty hate out on social media, or parent-mom-dad-bash someone?

Just my annoying thought of the day.

But I want you, she said....

Last night, Weston had yet another baseball practice.  This following the night before, having a game.  We didn't get home Tuesday evening until pretty late & O didn't get to bed until about 9:45pm-which is very late for her normal 7/730 bedtime.


The other day I was out in my yard watering my plants & was suddenly swarmed my a multitude of flying insects all all shapes and sizes.  Some of them were almost invisible.  I either have to find some sort of natural (non stinky) form of bus repellent or the plants are just going to have to fend for themselves (aka die off)!

Miss J

Boudoir is one of my favorite types of photography.  This is what Miss J and I came up with one afternoon.  Isn't she perfect!?

Where did the F go in FUN!?

There used to be a time when friends would get together for the 4th of July weekend.  We'd all bring a dish, the host would grill a bunch of meat & we'd watch some fantastic fireworks & sing karaoke.

"Oh Oh Livia"

We like to sing this to Olivia.....but using her name instead.....this song plays in my mind every time I see a photo of her-especially when she was a baby...that sweet squishy sassy thang....

Air Dried

I generally do not wash my hair in the morning because I don't like to let it air dry before work *coming in with a wet head*, nor do I like to blow dry it....but we lost power last night and I didn't get a chance to wash it before I went to I had to do it this am.......washed it, put some product in it & it is now basically dry at 7am....(washed it at 430am)....and the wave/curl is much more prominent...I may have to switch my way of thinking ;) cause I kind of like it....

Not looking back ya'll

So, it's universally true-I am a big mushy sap.  I hear "phrases" sometimes about life & I get all teary & choked up.  It's pathetic really, because to the outside world I seem like a cold hard bitch, no?  I mean, I really don't know honestly how other people truly feel about me-I have my suspensions lol!  But I've never asked-or really cared I guess either for the most part.  But now, sitting her I wonder.

As I was driving into work today, I was constantly looking in my rear view mirror to see if any of the fellow drivers were catching up to me.  I like to be in the lead you see, anyway....when I looked back at the road in front of me I thought-"hell I better pay attention to what's in front of me and not worry about those yahoos..." but really, I am the dumb ass for not just looking forward....not just paying attention to what's in front of me, giving to much thought to what's behind me...

Having that thought made me think about my five year struggle to get my mind, heart and soul back to what it once was-back in my glory day...when I was carefree with my love, trust & time.....I should be more focused on my future and not my past...because I frankly do not what that shit to catch up with me.  I like it being in the distance.  It's not far enough away that I cannot see it, but it certainly isn't touching me anymore!  THANK THE LORD!

Anyway, thinking about that gave me a tear....I am so proud of myself for all the progress I have made-seriously, who would have thought?

With all that said, here is a photo I took years ago of a beautiful orchid that I have since killed :(

Baby Brock

Look at this handsome fellow.  Don't be shy, say hello!!!!

Happy Children's Day - 2016


What does R.A.F. mean?  It means "Resilient as Fuck"  That is what I am, that is what my sister Molly is & that is what my sister Jessica is as well.

We have weathered a lot of shit over the years.  Some of this shit we have fought our way through together, some of it against each other (but together), and some of it we've done on our own.  But we continue to battle.

I attribute this to the other strong woman in our family tree who paved the way.  Such as my grandma Martin (dads mom) and my grandma Haug (moms mom).  These ladies are alive and well to this day, living without their husbands who have passed years ago.  They rage on.  Showing us, the harder sadder days are to come-so pick up our pathetic cry baby heads and march on little solider.  You got this...

2017 Planner & All it's GLORY!

For those of you that know me, let me first say-I know you love my planner!  You know, my 2016 Planner!  I've gotten so many compliments...well I am here to tell you....2017's has been ordered & she's also a beauty!

Sweet Summer Sun

I just love the sunshine, especially in the summer evenings.  Now, please don't get me wrong-I am not a huge fan of the smoldering heat & damp humidity.  But the sun!  It's gorgeous in photos.

It's to HOT!

Last night was Weston's first All-Stars practice for 2016.  And since Billy is still dealing with his new BFF, Mr. Stone, I was the one that had to take the boy to practice.  I took Olivia and Xander with me (since they wanted to go & I don't skip out on to many opportunities when someone wants to go some place with me hehe)....after Olivia played at the park for a bit we sat in the bleachers and watched practice.  This sweaty child didn't care much about personal space, and the fact that she's a hot mess & I am a hot mess..she wanted to lay her sweaty hot little body on me....what can you say?  Nothing, and just try to enjoy it while it!

Mr. Stone

I don't really have many photos to share from our weekend adventures at the Newberry ballpark where Xander had his baseball tournament.  It rained so much that I didn't feel it was safe to bring my camera out with us.  We actually got soaked on Sunday in the middle of their game.  But after much rain, much lightening & much parents bitching we were able to carry on and finish up the game-which we lost to Union.  The same team we smoked 8-0 the night before-go figure.

Love in Black and White

& cute new shoes...thanks to my beautiful mother in law's birthday some gorgeous Brighton Earrings too & still have some cash left ;)

It's all about me now.....


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