I gotta pee!

So this morning I read this article, I didn't watch the video attached to the article because it doesn't really matter....click here to read the blog post on Scary Mommy!
When did acceptance only be about what you agree to be acceptable?  If you are truly wanting an accepting society, then shouldn't you be writing about that & not calling this woman an idiot & not accepting her beliefs?

I do agree, if you don't like Target's policies then don't shop there.  Did this woman go about it the wrong way, maybe-if you feel that she did-that's your choice, but isn't she also someone we must accept in society?  Shouldn't we also accept Christian beliefs as well as non-Christian beliefs?  I mean, if we are going to knock her down for not being accepting while-not accepting her lol!  I wonder how many more times I can say accepting?

I like Target, I will continue to shop there regardless of what their policies are.  I like the products, and I like how clean the stores are.  I also like how friendly the staff is to me while I am there.  Maybe Target isn't for this woman, and that's fine-I can accept that & what she feels because I am truly an accepting scary mommy ... lol!

I just don't understand people sometimes....I often wish I just lived on an Island some place!


  1. Something to think about for sure. I agree with you though, you can't preach about being accepting while bashing someone else, that's just ignorance x100.


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