Blast from the Past

So here lately, I have seen a lot of posts circulating on facebook with people showing toys, movies, shows & clothing from our youth...ya know the 80/90.....and it got me thinking-there are so many things I miss & wish we still had around-but most of the time what I see in these posts are NOT what I totally remember as being here is my own list!!!

First & for most, I LOVED LOVED LOVED these when I was younger!!!!!

Believe it our not, you canfind these for sale on etsy & ebay....check it out: CLICK HERE!

The Cranberries....OMG, I am still a major fan.  I have listened to them since they first appeared on the radio for a love it or hate it contest back in the 90's.  The didn't win the contest, but they won my heart!  Swoon!

Movie rentals from the small VHS rental store down the road from our house.....good times good times.  I rented the below movie 10 times (or so they told me the last time I rented it)...I think they were trying to make me feel bad.  I now own it on DVD! favorite movie of that time period lol!!

Back when you could actually watch music videos.....oh this was an amazing time!

I couldn't get enough of these.....we would lick them to a point & poke each other with them....good times good times.

Slimming and fashionable...that's right....

(okay so this will be an ongoing updating blog post)....



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