I need to be in pictures.....

As I am looking through my photos lately, I don't have many of me.  It's been so long since I've done a good "selfie session".....I guess because of all the stuff that's been going on, I have no excuse really!  I need to change that, don't I?  I am sure I look different then I did several months ago.....I had a birthday after all; and dare I say another year older "gulp"

I found this "gem" while flipping through photos today; I forgot about this one.  When I first took it I didn't like it very much, I thought it looked odd-the angle & how my shoulder was showing.  But today, I like it...and so therefore I am using it-instead of taking a new one....

& then in black and white of course!
Mind you I found these on my phone, so the quality isn't grand......maybe that's why I like it haha!

I plan to maybe get some pictures of the kids this weekend, document our entire weekend together-even if it's shopping.....maybe do some posed shots with O...maybe even have Billy take a picture of me, O & the boys.....stay tuned & Happy Memorial Day!

You don't know me!

Not myself....

So last Friday, I had to have some oral surgery.....wisdom teeth out-all four.  For those that know me, know I am terrified of the dentist...and the doctors really.

I gotta pee!

So this morning I read this article, I didn't watch the video attached to the article because it doesn't really matter....click here to read the blog post on Scary Mommy!
When did acceptance only be about what you agree to be acceptable?  If you are truly wanting an accepting society, then shouldn't you be writing about that & not calling this woman an idiot & not accepting her beliefs?

My Girl

If you read my blog you already know what a hodge podge type of family I have.  Children here, there & everywhere.  I had the privilege to get together with B&E's bonus mama & daddy to take some pictures of them with Miss O.  O was nervous and shy at first, but once she warmed up we were able to capture some sweet photos of her with her siblings from her bio-mom's side of the family.  

Free to Decide

Blast from the Past

So here lately, I have seen a lot of posts circulating on facebook with people showing toys, movies, shows & clothing from our youth...ya know the 80/90.....and it got me thinking-there are so many things I miss & wish we still had around-but most of the time what I see in these posts are NOT what I totally remember as being awesome...so here is my own list!!!

First & for most, I LOVED LOVED LOVED these when I was younger!!!!!

No...Sleep....till Brooklyn.....


Mamalee:  "Olivia, it's time for bed."
Olivia:  makes growling noise and says softly "noooo"
Mamalee:  "well you have to go to bed at some point darling, you can't stay up forever."
Olivia:  excitedly "Yes I can!"

Olivia and JoJo

There's this little girl named Olivia.

One day she was given a gift of a puppy named JoJo.

Olivia and JoJo did everything together.

Olivia and JoJo went to the beach.

Olivia and JoJo went to dance class.

Olivia and JoJo went to baseball practice.

Olivia and JoJo went to the park.

And Olivia and JoJo cooked dinner.

But JoJo didn't know what to do at the beach and so Olivia taught him how to build a sandcastle & ride the waves.

And JoJo didn't know how to dance, and so Olivia taught him how to twirl and flip.

JoJo didn't know how to play baseball, and so Olivia taught him how to hit a home run and catch a ball.

JoJo didn't know how to play at the park, so Olivia taught him how to swing and slide.

JoJo didn't know how to cook dinner, so Olivia taught him to chop and simmer.

Olivia taught JoJo a lot of new tricks, but the most important thing that Olivia taught JoJo was how to love.

The End.

Not in my Face

So, for those of you that know me-you know I have a very *un*healthy fear of spiders, no?

This morning, as I was drying my mouth after brushing my teeth-a large spider came out of the inside of the towel & was eye balls to eye balls with me.  I literally could see all of his....staring creepily back at me & read his mind...."oh shit, this bitch gonna kill me" cause he quickly tried to hid his large scary ass back inside the towel.

With my goose bumped arms, I grabbed the first shoe I could find-work flats & banged around on the towel (rather hard mind you) until that beast came out to surrender.  I didn't accept his apology or surrender & I kept swatting at him until all his legs were off and there wasn't anything left of him but a small squished spot on the counter.

Billy, of course slept through the entire ordeal.  Go figure!


Why would someone want to dwell on the past for the rest of their lives?  How many years must go by before you stop blaming others for your own mistakes, unhappiness or lack of control?  1 year?  5 years?  20 years?

I have watched people around me continuously hash out past wrongs they think they have suffered.  Spilling from their lips, their own interpretation of events that they remember from a five years old mind, or a drunk 21 years old mushy brain.  20 years later, you'd think you'd be done-worked through it-not sitting around thinking of new ways that someone, or something destroyed you and that is the reason you're not "this" or "that".

Get off your ass NOW, at the age you are now-forget what you think happened to you & move forward.  Make changes you know will better your life, one of which is letting go & moving forward.  Moving forward is very powerful & you can be very successful at new ideas & goals if you can do that.  I promise.

If you have a relationship that is lacking because of your idealistic way of how things SHOULD have went way back when, you can rebuild that relationship fresh-can't you?  Forgive them, this is for you.  Forgive yourself, this is for you too!

I have to admit, I am one of the for above mentioned people.  I have held on to a lot of pain regarding events that transpired in my youth with my biological father.  Now, I never blamed things he said or did on the fact that I wasn't a success in my life or for mistakes I made.  I never used his actions for my own bad or lack of action(s).  I did however, blame him for not owning up to it & putting me into the position to feel like the protector of my younger siblings.  Being only 3 1/2 years older then my oldest sibling under mean - left me feeling very grown up at a very young age.  I always wanted to hear him say he was sorry & he knew he did things wrong.   Specific things, not just a life time of made up bullshit-real things.  The things that happened were real and by any ones standards wrong.

But, years passed and I am never going to hear this.  I have forgiven him, and I have forgiven myself for allowing this to fester in me for years, way to many years.

I wish the same outcome for people I love in my family.  I won't name names, as we all know who we are & if this relates to you then you are probably part of what I am blogging about.  I wish the same thing for my friends.

Happy Chance

I got the happy chance to photography Miss O with Miss E & Mr. B this past weekend.  They were very cute together-as you can see.  And that's all I am going to say about that.

Excuse me, you need a wax

Okay, so I have officially seen everything.  This makes me laugh because last night, I was joking around & telling Renee & Wendy a story about when we first visited the Jacksonville Zoo & how Xander said a gorilla reminded him of his dad...we all had a good laugh about it & someone made the comment about "silver backs" since he has so much grey hair-soooo what do I see when I first get to work this morning?  An add for a creepy ass shirt.

I want to buy it just to freak people out.....it's odd.

Want to snag your own, for the rock bottom of $10.31?  Click here if you do, but you better hurry this beaut won't last long!

Boys & Baseball

So I have recently tried to get some snaps of the boys, in their baseball uniforms.  You'd think it would be much easier then taking pictures of O, since she's two-but no, it's hard-really hard.  They are even more uncooperative then she is.  Maybe it is because they are distracted by their friends, maybe they just don't give a rats ass about their mom and her want/need to take their picture-whatever the problem is, I was only able to take one really good picture of ONE of the kids.  Let's hope I can make this happen again soon-but this time with much more success.  Maybe I should resort into bribing them like I do O. LOL!

Wedding Day Out Fit


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