Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Overalls

She's such a funny kid.  Today, the overalls & me had fun!  We played at the park while the boys had baseball practice.  She makes me smile, she makes me laugh...and she aggravates the piss out of me.  I am always tripping over her, as she is my #1 shadow.  Just a few days ago, I asked her why she can't just go play in her room instead of following me around and getting up under my feet...she answers me while walking slowly into her room in a huff "because I love you so much..." and I swear she said "duh" really softly after that.  Okay, so how do you argue with that?  I guess we'll just continue to trip over each other.

 Watching Weston & his team run laps at practice.
 She had to make her rounds, and giving Daddy sugar ranked high on the must do list.
 There were no little kids to play with her, and so I used my foot to bounce her a bit, she didn't understand why I couldn't just sit down and bounce her-too the moon she'd go.
 Anxious about sliding.

 She says she's almost a little bit bigger....

 When she wants you to hold her, she says "mama I want to hold you" in the sweetest voice's really so cute....but it was hard to let her hold me (me hold her) while walking around the ball field...she had to settle with just holding my hand...and as you can see by the look on her face she's not sure she's getting a good deal.....