Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pool Dreaming

So, a few weeks ago I purchased this lovely pool for $25 for my daughter could play in a kiddie pool that I was able to get into with her, as well as her older brothers X & W.  The boys use it more then her, but that's not the story!  The story goes like this....

One day I let the boys use the pool & they did, and it was fun; it was good fun.  They let the pool lay in the yard all week-while it collected spiders, crickets, grasshoppers and other things I am not sure what to call and some invisible slime.  Miss O asks to swim on Sunday afternoon & so I go out and drain the pool-which was very aggregating for someone who doesn't like bugs...ew.

I finally get the old water out of the pool and when I stepped into it to spray it down before filling it back up I immediately slipped and fell on my ass inside this damn thing.  Now, this pool doesn't look that large until you're inside it-with a twisted ankle-fully clothed slipping and flopping around trying to get your fat ass out of it.  I could see Olivia looking at me at the sliding glass door not 20 feet away.  I knew her dad was right there-in his recliner, but neither could assist me.  So I slipped around in this nasty pool trying to inch my way to the side so I could maybe get a leg out into the grass so I could get some footing.

I finally made it to the side of the pool and got a leg out onto the ground.  You'd think it would be as easy as that but lets remember one leg is still in the pool-not able to push me out since every time I try to use it to get momentum to get out of the pool it just slips.  I thought maybe I was going to just parish out there in the hot sun in a slippery blow up pool!

Eventually, I just rolled out of the pool like I was some sort of animal...finally getting up on my feet I went inside to tell my horror story.....and wait for the boys to get home to clean that damn pool!


  1. Sorry...I know I shouldn't laugh....but the visual is so funny....ya poor thing!

  2. it was truly horrifying Christine lol