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So recently I realized I have contentiously & subconsciously have been inspired to purchase & do a few things I have seen a friend of mine doing.  Subconsciously I purchased a similar lanyard as her.  Crazy right, and I know that I have seen her over the years wearing said lanyard....I have watched her use her swipe to get us in and out of buildings when we have gone to lunch together, so naturally when I went on to find a new one for my brand new badge I was drawn to one that was the same brand as hers.  A brand I am very familiar with, and have purchased purses and wallets from since 1991.  In fact, I have recently just given away my last purchase to one of my sisters.
So now, me and my friend/co-worker are twinzies! :)

Over the past year I have watched this same friend, transform her mind, body & soul around eating healthier and enjoying a more active lifestyle.  There have been many things she's created in the kitchen I have wanted to try.   One of my new favorites is chicken meatballs (something she gave me a recipe for).  Another thing, cauliflower rice-which is fantastic by the way & veggies turned into pasta-which is my new favorite btw.  I am not sure I can return to regular spaghetti ever again!

Look at this, can you even tell the difference?
I did take a photo of the cauliflower rice as well, but it wasn't a great photo & then I ate it all & didn't try to get another snap - whoops.  Oh and BTW, the boys & O didn't want any part of this squash/noodle - but Xander & Billy both tried the "rice" and agreed; it's good!

Here is a cute picture of Miss O & I.


  1. Adorable. I have tried cauliflower rice before too. Good stuff.

  2. I bet your friend does't mind, it's flattering to inspire people. Cheers to you and your friend.

    1. Nope, I don't mind at all. <3

  3. :) thank you for being such a great inspiration!


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