Tuesday, April 05, 2016


So, funny story.  We have a child in our household that likes to take unnecessary long, hot showers.  Our water heater has never supported this child taking a long hot shower and someone else in the house taking a shower as well.  We have different times of the day that we all shower to avoid this issue.  But, this one child never listens and never obeys the rules when it comes to shower etiquette.  I have taken my fair share of cold showers due to this situation, and so has the other children in the house.  My husband, due to his schedule he's not had to deal with this issue.  In the past, it was a nightly issue, I would have bang on the door & say get out of the shower.  For some reason, this child cannot get it through his dead to take a 5 min or less shower & get out.

I take a shower when I get home from work, so there is plenty of hot water for the children & my husband to shower after work/dinner.  Recently I came home from work & apparently, this particular child took a long shower before I got here-using up the hot water.  I come out, after taking a nice cold shower & complain to my husband-why did you let him take a shower before me?  There is no hot water!  Obviously no one was banging on the door!  He shrugged his shoulders, not a big-he wasn't taking a cold shower....until last night....

Finally, a long shower was taken....and my husband tried to shower after him (mind you we didn't even know he was in there using up all the hot water)....finally-after years and years, my husband was on the receiving end of an ice cold shower.

I couldn't help but laugh as he screamed and lectured our child.  It's funny, it's not a big deal until you have icy balls..haha!!

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