Pool Dreaming

So, a few weeks ago I purchased this lovely pool for $25 for my daughter could play in a kiddie pool that I was able to get into with her, as well as her older brothers X & W.  The boys use it more then her, but that's not the story!  The story goes like this....

One day I let the boys use the pool & they did, and it was fun; it was good fun.  They let the pool lay in the yard all week-while it collected spiders, crickets, grasshoppers and other things I am not sure what to call and some invisible slime.  Miss O asks to swim on Sunday afternoon & so I go out and drain the pool-which was very aggregating for someone who doesn't like bugs...ew.

I finally get the old water out of the pool and when I stepped into it to spray it down before filling it back up I immediately slipped and fell on my ass inside this damn thing.  Now, this pool doesn't look that large until you're inside it-with a twisted ankle-fully clothed slipping and flopping around trying to get your fat ass out of it.  I could see Olivia looking at me at the sliding glass door not 20 feet away.  I knew her dad was right there-in his recliner, but neither could assist me.  So I slipped around in this nasty pool trying to inch my way to the side so I could maybe get a leg out into the grass so I could get some footing.

I finally made it to the side of the pool and got a leg out onto the ground.  You'd think it would be as easy as that but lets remember one leg is still in the pool-not able to push me out since every time I try to use it to get momentum to get out of the pool it just slips.  I thought maybe I was going to just parish out there in the hot sun in a slippery blow up pool!

Eventually, I just rolled out of the pool like I was some sort of animal...finally getting up on my feet I went inside to tell my horror story.....and wait for the boys to get home to clean that damn pool!

Monkey See

So recently I realized I have contentiously & subconsciously have been inspired to purchase & do a few things I have seen a friend of mine doing.  Subconsciously I purchased a similar lanyard as her.  Crazy right, and I know that I have seen her over the years wearing said lanyard....I have watched her use her swipe to get us in and out of buildings when we have gone to lunch together, so naturally when I went on Amazon.com to find a new one for my brand new badge I was drawn to one that was the same brand as hers.  A brand I am very familiar with, and have purchased purses and wallets from since 1991.  In fact, I have recently just given away my last purchase to one of my sisters.
So now, me and my friend/co-worker are twinzies! :)

Over the past year I have watched this same friend, transform her mind, body & soul around eating healthier and enjoying a more active lifestyle.  There have been many things she's created in the kitchen I have wanted to try.   One of my new favorites is chicken meatballs (something she gave me a recipe for).  Another thing, cauliflower rice-which is fantastic by the way & veggies turned into pasta-which is my new favorite btw.  I am not sure I can return to regular spaghetti ever again!

Look at this, can you even tell the difference?
I did take a photo of the cauliflower rice as well, but it wasn't a great photo & then I ate it all & didn't try to get another snap - whoops.  Oh and BTW, the boys & O didn't want any part of this squash/noodle - but Xander & Billy both tried the "rice" and agreed; it's good!

Here is a cute picture of Miss O & I.

O's Flower

On Sunday afternoon, we got a few herbs (I am trying to grow a few), a tomato plant and Olivia picked out a flower.  Weston wants to grow some cucumbers (so he can make his own pickles) and some potatoes.  Xander wants to grow some peppers.  We did get one pepper plant, but we'll see about the rest of things.

Olivia & her flower.


I always see the weirdest things while on campus.  This morning, as I driving to the parking garage someone darts out in front of me causing me to slam on my breaks & take notice of this person-as I don't want to hit someone with my car no matter if it's their fault or not.  This gentleman was wearing a full Mexican Style outfit, topped off with an enormous sombrero.  It was just the oddest thing in the world to me, to see that first thing in the morning at 530am.

Now, what makes it weirder is that he appeared to be one of the homeless guys that is always on campus begging for money-he had all his "stuff" but dressed mighty fancy.

Made me giggle.
Do you like this image?  You can buy it here!

My Ouchy.

Why oh why does my body like to punish me for thoughtful possible actions.....over the weekend I stepped off a parking barrier and twisted my right ankle.  Why you ask?  Well, in my mind I thought-it would be so cute for me to run towards Olivia because she was running towards me after her daddy took her to the bathroom.  I thought, what a cute moment this could be-we can run towards each other & embrace.  But nope, I get a sprained ankle instead!!  So today, I sit at work with a horribly swollen ankle trying to just make it through the day.

I'm An All Star Baby

So after much inner discussion, I have decided to buy some Converses.  Am I to old for such shoes-are their age limits on shoes?  Sure, I realize I can't be strutting around in a mini shirt or booty shorts-but shoes?  Certainly I won't get any strange looks....RIGHT?

In my head, I see me wearing something like this:

I am totally obsessed......I have the capris-but now I need to find a cool black shirt like concoction  ;)

The Overalls

She's such a funny kid.  Today, the overalls & me had fun!  We played at the park while the boys had baseball practice.  She makes me smile, she makes me laugh...and she aggravates the piss out of me.  I am always tripping over her, as she is my #1 shadow.  Just a few days ago, I asked her why she can't just go play in her room instead of following me around and getting up under my feet...she answers me while walking slowly into her room in a huff "because I love you so much..." and I swear she said "duh" really softly after that.  Okay, so how do you argue with that?  I guess we'll just continue to trip over each other.

 Watching Weston & his team run laps at practice.
 She had to make her rounds, and giving Daddy sugar ranked high on the must do list.
 There were no little kids to play with her, and so I used my foot to bounce her a bit, she didn't understand why I couldn't just sit down and bounce her-too the moon she'd go.
 Anxious about sliding.

 She says she's almost a little bit bigger....

 When she wants you to hold her, she says "mama I want to hold you" in the sweetest voice ever.....it's really so cute....but it was hard to let her hold me (me hold her) while walking around the ball field...she had to settle with just holding my hand...and as you can see by the look on her face she's not sure she's getting a good deal.....


Is it strange that I want to own some succulents & cactus's?  It's nothing I've ever wanted before & so I find myself strange for thinking they are beautiful & perhaps even easy to keep alive.  Let's face it, I do NOT have a green thumb for sure...but I want some plants in my life......add this to my ever growing list of things I want!


I seem to have a knack for overestimating my worth to someone in a friendship.  I can't help but wonder if I am doing something wrong in these relationships.  I just try to be a good person, be there for them, be a good listener & reach out to them from time to time when we have not spoken.  I expect little to nothing in return for my efforts-except maybe a little effort in return.


So, funny story.  We have a child in our household that likes to take unnecessary long, hot showers.  Our water heater has never supported this child taking a long hot shower and someone else in the house taking a shower as well.  We have different times of the day that we all shower to avoid this issue.  But, this one child never listens and never obeys the rules when it comes to shower etiquette.  I have taken my fair share of cold showers due to this situation, and so has the other children in the house.  My husband, due to his schedule he's not had to deal with this issue.  In the past, it was a nightly issue, I would have bang on the door & say get out of the shower.  For some reason, this child cannot get it through his dead to take a 5 min or less shower & get out.

I take a shower when I get home from work, so there is plenty of hot water for the children & my husband to shower after work/dinner.  Recently I came home from work & apparently, this particular child took a long shower before I got here-using up the hot water.  I come out, after taking a nice cold shower & complain to my husband-why did you let him take a shower before me?  There is no hot water!  Obviously no one was banging on the door!  He shrugged his shoulders, not a big-he wasn't taking a cold shower....until last night....

Finally, a long shower was taken....and my husband tried to shower after him (mind you we didn't even know he was in there using up all the hot water)....finally-after years and years, my husband was on the receiving end of an ice cold shower.

I couldn't help but laugh as he screamed and lectured our child.  It's funny, it's not a big deal until you have icy balls..haha!!


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