Friday, March 25, 2016

Do you like my face like this?

She's such a little charmer.  Sometimes she really enjoys having her photograph taken....this particular morning when I was snapping away-she says "mama, do you like it when I look like this?" and puts her hands up to her cheek.  All I could do was smile, snap away & say "I sure do, baby....".
I said, okay-now that you've given me such a lovely smile-show me how you stop smiling?  No smiling...and this is what I get.  Apparently there is only smiling and frowning in this girls repertoire.
 She basically directed this mini session in the house....she got on the sofa & posed in her own natural pose for me...trying to make eye contact with me while still paying attention to Nick Jr.
I couldn't get enough really!
 & this is where I lost her & cartoons won.

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