Sister Update

One thing that surprises me the most about helping my sister gather household items and clothing for her family after they lost their home in a people who have the least.......are the most giving..........I mean, I have been brought to tears so many times since this happened watching as people SPRINT to their aid.  It warms my heart & spirit.  Gives me faith in humanity again!

Do you like my face like this?

She's such a little charmer.  Sometimes she really enjoys having her photograph taken....this particular morning when I was snapping away-she says "mama, do you like it when I look like this?" and puts her hands up to her cheek.  All I could do was smile, snap away & say "I sure do, baby....".
I said, okay-now that you've given me such a lovely smile-show me how you stop smiling?  No smiling...and this is what I get.  Apparently there is only smiling and frowning in this girls repertoire.
 She basically directed this mini session in the house....she got on the sofa & posed in her own natural pose for me...trying to make eye contact with me while still paying attention to Nick Jr.
I couldn't get enough really!
 & this is where I lost her & cartoons won.

Sad Face

Yesterday afternoon my sister received a horrible text from her mother-in-law saying "your house is on fire".  For those of you that know my sister, she loves her home & she loves her brand new red leather sofa.  It's sinking in how much she's lost as the day drags on & I am at work; not with her helping her cope.  With every text between us, I feel more and more sadness for her and her family.  I also feel so much hope, and gratefulness that they were not at home.  She was out of town with the kids at the beach and her husband was at work.  They didn't have pets inside, so no one or nothing lost it's life due to this tragedy.  The community of Bell & Trenton are so amazing, her friends and family have rallied around her for moral and financial support.  Even people she recently had a falling out with came quickly to her aide.

She is truly an inspiration.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers.

To Little; To Late

The other day, I had a meeting at the school to discuss Weston's grades.  After my meeting, I was driving past the elementary school where he spent his formidable years. and was overcome with great sadness about the loss of a time I can never revisit.

When Weston was in elementary he used to ask me to come to the school and spend his lunch hour with him.  He asked several times.  I never went.  I didn't attend because I didn't want to, I just didn't because I never got off work to be able to do it.  And it's not because I couldn't.  Life just gets in the way and you feel like other things are more important-but trust me they are not.  I can never go back to the moment that he wanted me to come be with him.  I can never go back to the moment where he may have been disappointed that I never did come; and make him feel better about it by actually showing up.  I have a lot of guilt associated with this decision.

I cried all the way home.

Sometimes No Words are Needed


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