Kids Today

It's got to really be hard on the young people growing up in todays age.  The age where moms & dads either don't marry or don't stay married.

They are born from one night stands, or relationships that don't last.....or born to parents who cannot and will not stick it out with each other because divorce is such an easier and less prideful option.

I am not preaching this, because I have been married before I married Billy.  I have children from past relationships.  I have no children with my husband.  He has children from past relationships.  We blend our families together and we seemingly make it work.

My oldest children, seem fine & pretty well adjusted - but they were raised 99% with me, with little to no contact with their father.  The other three remaining children between me and my husband have different lives.  Two go back and forth weekly from house to house and one stays with us during the school year & with his mom during the summer months.

When I sit down and think about situations they are trying to overcome, or difficulties they are having in school or socially I think-is this because we are all so scattered around from house to house?

I look at families that are together still with both parents (no step parents/no splitting time) and my kids SEEM better adjusted then they are...but are they?  Am I blind to what's really happening?  Am I thinking to much in to something that isn't an issue?

I just want to be a good parent, and see my children thrive & help them along the way if I can....and hopefully I can-and hopefully my choices (and the choices of their other parents) don't hold them back and keep them from growing!

Did you know...that I don't think of her

....when I look into this sweet childs face.....

I get that question all the time: "don't you just think about it (her) every time...."

Or the comment:  "yeah it's like a constant reminder" or "you have a constant reminder"

The truth is, I don't need a constant reminder.  I am well aware of the situation.  I am well aware of my past & his.

The truth is also, I don't.  I don't think of it (her) when I look at Miss O.  I don't look at her and think of pain, regret or disappointment.  I just see love & joy and that's all I think about.  Oh that and buying her clothes & shows.....<3 lol

Woops...I forgot keep blogging!  Sorry about that, but honestly-who reads this thing anyway?  If anything it's just an online journal where I can post stuff to a. get it off my chest or 2. share with who ever is watching-even if it's just me :)

So much has happened in the Johnson household since November-which is the last time I blogged.  We've gone through Christmas & a minor surgical operation since then.  Now we are back at work, recovering.....

So what's the story?  Well here is the short version!  Coming back from my nieces birthday party one sunny Sunday afternoon-about 1/2 way into our two hour drive I started feeling some pain in my belly....right under my breast bone that radiated to my back.  It got worst as we got closer to home.  So bad in fact that I started throwing up and we decided to head to the ER to find out what was wrong.  Come to find out, my gallbladder was very very angry with me & we had to schedule surgery right away to have it removed.  That happened the next day & after a few nights in the hospital-I went home to recover two weeks before Christmas.  Uggg.  I am still, three weeks later-not 100% but I am working on it.  My dear friend Christine and her daughter came out to the house during my recovery to lend a hand.  Christine took me shopping so I could finish up my Christmas list for the kids & Hayley stayed and watched Olivia (and the boys) while we were gone.  I feel so lucky to have such wonderful ladies in my life.  Truly not sure what I did to deserve them.

Christmas came and went & the kids got everything (almost) that they wanted.  I missed my older two this year terribly.  It's nice to have a few still in the nest to celebrate such holidays with - but I certainly wish they could all come home for Christmas (and I think they do too).

Talked to Teresa last night & after discussions with her over the past several months it seems she is ready to come back to Florida for a bit, while she tries to find a programming job.  Her ultimate goal is to move back to the south near family & old friends-which I understand for sure.  But she'll have to leave her kitty cat Goon behind & of course her fiance Alex as well.  I guess once she gets established he's supposed to move as well.

Well-that's all about all the time I have left this morning-time to get to work!

Peace & Love!


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