It's Shooting Time Ya'll!

So, it's that time of year again when I drive myself crazy being unorganized and undisciplined and unable to say no to clients.  I have already purchased my 2016 planner & I just love it so far.  I just hope it does it's job & keeps me straight.  I know I have to play some roll in keeping it up-to-date & looking at it, but at least step one is complete....

1. purchase a planner

Now step 2 can be completed, filling up the planner.

I started off the Fall 2015 schedule doing a maternity session.  We met up at my sisters house, first time using her place.  She has a very pretty area next to her house down in a hollow with a running stream (it's brown don't get to excited), lots of trees & just the woodsy feel that I love so much.

This coming up weekend, I'll be shooting a couple....very much looking forward to that-because those that know me should remember-I love shooting couples!!!!

I did my schedule a bit different this year, I learned from being over stressed and swamped last year about this time to just say NO to over booking.  I have not double booked sessions on the same weekend, leaving a day every weekend for editing the previous weekends images.  This will hopefully save my sanity & the ears of my husband.

I have a session booked with my friend Christine & her family coming up as well.  I thought about seeing if they wanted to meet me at my sisters house for their photos-I think they'd like it.......maybe I can talk her into it :) though we were leaning towards more of an urban feel.  There are some great places in Gainesville to get that feel as well as Lake City-oh the options are limitless hu?

Well..happy Tuesday!

Ooo before I forget-THE PLANNER!!!



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