Heart Break Swing

Olivia fell off the swing today at the park. And when she realized she was okay had several remarks that she told herself and me!

1. I need to be more careful.
2. I don't want to fall off and hurt myself.
3. I'm gonna be more careful next time.
4. Mama you pushed me to hard.
5. I almost broke my heart mama.

My Little Free Spirit

Wedding Photographer Clothing

Help.  I need a little help.  For years now I have been in search of a really pretty black dress to be able to wear to weddings, as the photographer.  Maybe, I shouldn't even wear a dress-maybe I should wear leggings & a really long tunic.  IDK.  I need help deciding.  Here are a few ideas I had.  Please share your thoughts!

or maybe

or maybe just black pants, black shirt & black shoes?

Toms for Us

So I finally have lost my mind.  I have finally done that weird thing that people do with their kids & got matching shoes with Miss O.  Yeah, maybe it's time to be committed.  I have never looked down on parents for being matchy matchy-but it always made me laugh & think "that's weird"....until today!

I was searching to get Miss O some cute brown canvas shoes to wear this fall/winter.  I settled on some www.toms.com.  Cute shoes for a great cause, each pair of shoes you purchase a pair of shoes are sent to a child in need in a developing country.  Yep, so I bought her a pair & thought-they are so cute-I'll just get me a pair too!

And in two seconds, we became matchy matchy weirdos!  But at least we'll be weirdo's together ah O?


One of the things that Weston gets to do for me aside from assisting me at shoots is that he is a test subject for me to set up my camera for the lighting.  Of course, he's not smiling-of course-but that doesn't take away from his handsome little face.  What a sweet kid.  I am a lucky mama to have such a great little soul.


Oh Deer!


Ashton Maternity

The beautiful Ashton modeling for me in Bell Florida.  Can you not get over that gorgeous light?  Me either!  Sigh...it's almost as gorgeous as this sweet mama!  I first met Ashton years ago, long before there were babies - and she hasn't changed a bit, unless you mention how gorgeous her hair has gotten with all those extra vitamins flowing through her body during her pregnancy, lol!



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