Tiny-Mini Ladies Getaway Weekend

Last weekend, my friend Christine and I loaded up her SUV and headed to St. Augustine on Saturday morning.

We spent the entire day on Vilano Beach.  Soaking up the sun, frolicking in the ocean-loosing my beloved RayBan's in the process-lol, drinking margarita's & eating yummy (and healthy) snacks & chatting/laughing!  When we left, I was the most relaxed I think I've ever been in my entire life.

After our little adventure on the shore, we went and checked into our room.  When we arrived we noticed no one was at the pool, which lucky for us was right next to our room.  We put some of our personal belongings into the room & went and jumped in.  Christine was like a little kid-doing hand stands & flips in the water like a water ballerina.  After about thirty minutes of this, we did have some other guests arrive to swim, a grandpa & his two grand kids.  The grandfather was chatty & even got the kids involved in some swim racing to I guess keep them out of his hair.  Christine raced said kids in a few of these swim races-and won.  LOL!

Later that evening, after getting all beautiful & having a little mini session-we went to Meehan's Irish Pub in downtown St. Augustine for some dinner & spirits.  The food was great (we both had fish & chips).  I also enjoyed an IRISH SANGRIA...yummmmm!

We talked & talked, but after we both were pretty tired-so we headed back to the car while walking down the main strip in St. Augustine that has all the shops-just people watching, talking...and enjoying the warm evening.

Back at the hotel, we rested-watched some CHOPPED & went to sleep.  The trip was short, and we certainly need an extra day-so next time-instead of a tiny-mini, we'll just do a mini & stay for two nights.

Before we head out of town, we ate at the Jaybird's restaurant & had a lovely meal!  One thing I did learn was, it's nice to have a girlfriend.  I forgot what I was missing.  <3


  1. These are great Lela. You guys looked like you had a wonderful time. Pick me next time for your beach trip I'd love to go with you.

  2. Thank you! We had a great time.

  3. I am bawling....this is so sweet and it was so much fun. Love you lots!


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