Oh O.

Miss O was in her typical happy to be home mood on Sunday, but nothing can really top how she was Monday morning.  She got up super early, same time as me 6am & wanted to eat breakfast right away & sit on Weston until the boys had to leave for the bus.  I cooked her pancakes & sausage, which she was rather excited about.  After breakfast I got her dressed, as we would eventually head to the grocery store but she had different plans.  As I was finishing up getting her dressed for the day, she looked up at me and said "mama go sit down..." "go sit down mama" "sit down on my lap".  So, of course-she wasn't really meaning me sit on her lap, but she wanted me to hold her and so I complied only to have her fall asleep.....poor darling.  So after a very long nap she and I head off to the grocery store where she charmed everyone that ran into her.

She wanted to hold and smell everything, a mistake I guess I made by smelling the soap and shampoo as soon as we got into the store-lol!  So when we finally got up to the check out, she was holding an 8 pack of apple juice, a box of cheerios, her daddy's bar soap (pack of three bars), a box of poptarts (for her brothers), and some blueberries.  LOL!

Her daddy had a board meeting right after work & so he didn't get home until after dinner, and bath-she was actually already down for the night but perked right up when she heard him come into the house.  Not hard to do since her bedroom is near the side door that we enter from.  So, up she got for some lovings before going back to sleep.

She was excited about going back to daycare today.  After we had gotten back from the grocery store, we packed up her breakfast, her "pack pack" and picked out her clothes for the next day-a route she is rather fond of.

She is starting to get her own little style, she picked out this outfit ya'll!  (sorry the photo is poor-she isn't really interested in being in front of the camera as much as she is interested in being behind the camera.  I don't know if she's interested in photography or just plain nosy, haha.

Don't mind the face-she was frowning at me because I had the nerve to mention her laying down for a nap when she was just laying on the floor moments before-rubbing her eyes & clinching her blanket (a tall tell sign she is ready for some sleeps).

xoxo, Lela



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