First Week of Fall

I am very much looking forward to my upcoming weekend little mini-girls get away.  Several months ago, my friend Christine & I were at lunch discussing photos & what not, and came up with the idea to head to St. Augustine one weekend in "fall", stay the night at a cool hotel & do a mini boudoir session.  Well, the time has come-we are on our way come Saturday!  I can't wait-did I say that already!?

I am also looking forward to this cooler weather, this morning when I got up there was a slight chill in the air & it was breezy, I almost didn't even want to get in my car to come to work-but to just sit on my back porch and sip on a cup of coffee would have just put me over the top.  I know I know, we always look forward to the warmer weather when we are cold in the winter or the cooler weather when we are melting in the heat-but I just love fall-always have, always will I expect.

Everything is prettier in the fall-like these WEEDS!


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