Filler up

I read this quote today:  "People empty me.  I have to get away to refill" - by Charles Bukowski.

It's so easy to shout "I don't care what people think of me" ... but certainly we do, we are not all narcissistic pricks.  The majority of people want to be loved, have friends and be well liked.  We want to be thought of, emailed or texted by the ones we cherish.  It's human nature.  Along with the good, comes the bad-sometimes equally.  We have people in our lives that constantly insult us, ridicule us or try to make us do things their way & never giving us credit for doing things our way.  Sometimes these people are family & friends-sometimes co-workers.  Sometimes they don't even know they are doing it & sometimes-they do.

But we all keep going, we keep forging on-living and loving don't we?  We are remarkable.  But because all we need to do is, get away....heal, think it over & refill.



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