Tiny-Mini Ladies Getaway Weekend

Last weekend, my friend Christine and I loaded up her SUV and headed to St. Augustine on Saturday morning.

We spent the entire day on Vilano Beach.  Soaking up the sun, frolicking in the ocean-loosing my beloved RayBan's in the process-lol, drinking margarita's & eating yummy (and healthy) snacks & chatting/laughing!  When we left, I was the most relaxed I think I've ever been in my entire life.

After our little adventure on the shore, we went and checked into our room.  When we arrived we noticed no one was at the pool, which lucky for us was right next to our room.  We put some of our personal belongings into the room & went and jumped in.  Christine was like a little kid-doing hand stands & flips in the water like a water ballerina.  After about thirty minutes of this, we did have some other guests arrive to swim, a grandpa & his two grand kids.  The grandfather was chatty & even got the kids involved in some swim racing to I guess keep them out of his hair.  Christine raced said kids in a few of these swim races-and won.  LOL!

Later that evening, after getting all beautiful & having a little mini session-we went to Meehan's Irish Pub in downtown St. Augustine for some dinner & spirits.  The food was great (we both had fish & chips).  I also enjoyed an IRISH SANGRIA...yummmmm!

We talked & talked, but after we both were pretty tired-so we headed back to the car while walking down the main strip in St. Augustine that has all the shops-just people watching, talking...and enjoying the warm evening.

Back at the hotel, we rested-watched some CHOPPED & went to sleep.  The trip was short, and we certainly need an extra day-so next time-instead of a tiny-mini, we'll just do a mini & stay for two nights.

Before we head out of town, we ate at the Jaybird's restaurant & had a lovely meal!  One thing I did learn was, it's nice to have a girlfriend.  I forgot what I was missing.  <3

First Week of Fall

I am very much looking forward to my upcoming weekend little mini-girls get away.  Several months ago, my friend Christine & I were at lunch discussing photos & what not, and came up with the idea to head to St. Augustine one weekend in "fall", stay the night at a cool hotel & do a mini boudoir session.  Well, the time has come-we are on our way come Saturday!  I can't wait-did I say that already!?

I am also looking forward to this cooler weather, this morning when I got up there was a slight chill in the air & it was breezy, I almost didn't even want to get in my car to come to work-but to just sit on my back porch and sip on a cup of coffee would have just put me over the top.  I know I know, we always look forward to the warmer weather when we are cold in the winter or the cooler weather when we are melting in the heat-but I just love fall-always have, always will I expect.

Everything is prettier in the fall-like these WEEDS!

Messy Hair, Don't Care

Well, I have not had time to take a lot of pictures of these wild kids lately, and honestly-none of them are that into it.   Olivia more then most.  The boys run, and run fast.  Hell you've never seen the little shits run so fast, lol!  When I do finally catch up to them, they give me faces-faces of misery.  So fine, I'll just shoot this little wild beast when she lets me.

Love & be loved ya'll!

Fall Petite Fashion

It's that time of year again, cleaning out & filling up Olivia's closet full of gorgeous fashions at a rock bottom price!  I did a little "window" shopping today & came up with these gems!  Oh baby!
Tulle Skirts for Baby ONGraphic Tees for Baby ONHi-Lo Chambray Shirts for Baby ON
Jersey Leggings for Baby ONGraphic Tees for Baby ON
Fashion Jegging for Baby ONLong-Sleeve Graphic Tee for Baby ON
Denim Jeggings for Baby ONOwl-Graphic Tee for Baby ON
Printed Leggings ONLong-Sleeve Graphic Tee for Baby ON
Jersey Skirts  for Baby ONRounded-Hem Long-Sleeve Tee for Baby ONCable-Knit Tights for Baby
All of these little beauties are from Old Navy!  $141

Toddler Girls' Delmi Fringe Cowboy Boots - SilverToddler Girls' Darcy Cowboy Boots - Pink
& why does Target sell these?  WHY!  We must have them, under $26 each!

& WallyWorld has these for $20 each (in black & brown)


Well, today is the eve of my five year anniversary.  Five years ago today I was running around with my "big sis" Yvonne, who is my oldest, most loyal, generous and amazing friend (who I do not get to see enough).

As we prepared for the wedding it never crossed my mind what sort of struggles my marriage would endure along the short five years together.  Honestly, I felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world-as many brides do I am sure.  He had qualities that I had never seen in a man before-despite being previously married (a few times before that).  I was always searching for that perfect frog to kiss & turn him into a prince.  And boy did I think I found him.

So tomorrow will celebrate an anniversary of that wedding.  This marriage has not been what I expected in the slightest, we have had our share of struggles as any married couple will.  The struggles we endured often made us feel alone even when we were together.  But I can say, that together we did overcome some of life's ugliest moments.  We tackled a lot of shit that would tear most people apart & break them as individuals forever.  For that endurance, patience, love and forgiveness that most of us don't seem to have in us-I am thankful to say we may just make it.

Every day is a "Oh my gosh am I really in THIS marriage" kind of day.  Sometimes that statement is aimed towards positive thoughts & sometimes negative thoughts.

Over the past five years, I have heard the words "you're so much stronger then I am", "I could never forgive someone for that" or much worst things-I am sure you get the idea.  But the facts are-how do you know, until you have been forced to decide what direction to take in your marriage/your life?  The truth is you don't.  So those statements are meaningless and hurtful.  I am not stronger, or weaker then you.  I just was faced with a choice that you thankfully have never had to make.  And I'll be honest with you, I wouldn't wish this on anyone.  Not even the ones that hurt me, hurt us.

I will tell you this.  I am fortunate enough to be able to put things into mental piles in my mind.  I am able to see beyond the present and map out how I want my future to look.  I can look past the pain and see the light at the end, waiting for me.  And when I did that, when I was faced with that decision (staying or going), I always saw us together.  I was always told to be patient when I would pray about it.  And so I was as patient as I could be, I stuck around.

What did I get in return for my praying and sticking around.  He answered a prayer from years ago, from before the affair.  He gave me another daughter-a daughter that we couldn't have together.  I was then faced to stay or go again.  What do you do?  Do you say, oh sorry God that isn't good enough-you should have known I didn't want him to cheat on me to produce this kid?

Well, you all already know what I did.  I continued to make the choice to stay & I do so every day.  And so, we celebrate tomorrow-we celebrate all weekend.  Happy Anniversary to my family & to my now-loyal husband lol.

Oh O.

Miss O was in her typical happy to be home mood on Sunday, but nothing can really top how she was Monday morning.  She got up super early, same time as me 6am & wanted to eat breakfast right away & sit on Weston until the boys had to leave for the bus.  I cooked her pancakes & sausage, which she was rather excited about.  After breakfast I got her dressed, as we would eventually head to the grocery store but she had different plans.  As I was finishing up getting her dressed for the day, she looked up at me and said "mama go sit down..." "go sit down mama" "sit down on my lap".  So, of course-she wasn't really meaning me sit on her lap, but she wanted me to hold her and so I complied only to have her fall asleep.....poor darling.  So after a very long nap she and I head off to the grocery store where she charmed everyone that ran into her.

She wanted to hold and smell everything, a mistake I guess I made by smelling the soap and shampoo as soon as we got into the store-lol!  So when we finally got up to the check out, she was holding an 8 pack of apple juice, a box of cheerios, her daddy's bar soap (pack of three bars), a box of poptarts (for her brothers), and some blueberries.  LOL!

Her daddy had a board meeting right after work & so he didn't get home until after dinner, and bath-she was actually already down for the night but perked right up when she heard him come into the house.  Not hard to do since her bedroom is near the side door that we enter from.  So, up she got for some lovings before going back to sleep.

She was excited about going back to daycare today.  After we had gotten back from the grocery store, we packed up her breakfast, her "pack pack" and picked out her clothes for the next day-a route she is rather fond of.

She is starting to get her own little style, she picked out this outfit ya'll!  (sorry the photo is poor-she isn't really interested in being in front of the camera as much as she is interested in being behind the camera.  I don't know if she's interested in photography or just plain nosy, haha.

Don't mind the face-she was frowning at me because I had the nerve to mention her laying down for a nap when she was just laying on the floor moments before-rubbing her eyes & clinching her blanket (a tall tell sign she is ready for some sleeps).

xoxo, Lela

No More BS!

Someone learned this the hard way recently, and so have a few before that.  Love & be loved ya'll!  & HAPPY FRIDAY!

What is love [baby don't hurt me]

What is love?  The Webster Dictionary says that love is a noun and means 1. an intense feeling of deep affection or 2. a person or thing that one loves.  It also says it can be a verb that is feeling a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

I have feel love.  I have loved someone so deeply that it nearly destroyed me.  I have loved unconditionally and I have loved with lots of conditions.

I have been hurt by love.  I have hurt others with love.

I love my children.  All of them.  They love me.

No one can really stop love can they?  Not even if they are seeking love.

Everyone wants that feeling.  It's what makes us human.

Save me. From the Truth.

Being a mom can sometime be such an uncomfortable "situation".  Today, while Xander was doing his homework he overheard a commercial that was on tv....it was for Monistat.  He quickly asked me "What's a yeast infection?".....now, those of you that know me....know that I am a very reastic parent. I tell it how it is.  Even if it's uncomfortable.  Poor kid.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a pretty relaxing holiday weekend, how about ya'll?  We didn't do much, so when I say it was relaxing-I am not lying.  We did some major cleaning, threw out the old sofa & recliner finally.  It was a hard thing to do, considering we only have one sofa left.  Time to start saving for some new living room furniture.  Ugg.

The fun stuff, we went to my moms on Saturday.  Olivia (and the boys) love going to moms "maws" as the boys call her & "gmaw" as Olivia calls her.  We went out to the pond for a few hours, cooked up some burgers & brats (and french fries um) before the rain set in and we had to run for cover.  By the time we got back to moms Brice & Bailee were there & we all swam before Olivia decided to poop in her bathing suit & in the pool.  That sure got everyone out of the pool quickly lol.  Ah well.

Weston wasn't feeling all that great this weekend, sure hope he's not getting sick!  Poor kid.  But I just wanted to put that out there because the below photos he looks miserable in haha....


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