Thursday, August 13, 2015

Vacation 2015

This year, we did a couple different things for our family summer vacation.  For the first part of vacation we went camping with my parents.  We had a gorgeous spot right on the Gulf of Mexico-right on the water-that's right.  I took a ton of iphone photos & they can be found on my personal instagram account @lela.johnson.  We had a great time, the boys fished & Olivia and I colored, went out on the boat, swam & walked around the camp looking at fiddler craps & fish.  The second part of vacation we went to Daytona and stayed at our favorite hotel (Sun Viking Lodge).  We had such a great, relaxing time.  The boys love the pools-but especially love the pool that has the slide.  The beach was calm & wonderful.  Olivia loved the pool so much that she could cry every time we took her out to go back to the room to eat,  She also loved going out on the balcony.

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