Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Random Things.....

  1. I am a hopeless romantic, even though love has not been an easy ride
  2. I have worked at UF since I was 18 years old, and will be retiring in 9 short years
  3. Weston was a twin
  4. I am very impatient
  5. I've been married three times
  6. I love cowboy boots, and own several pairs
  7. I am just a 1/2 inch below being six foot tall
  8. I want a tummy tuck
  9. I try to find the beauty in everyone I meet
  10. I look at facebook every day almost
  11. I do not own a coat
  12. I want to visit Ireland/Germany
  13. I've been to England
  14. I regret every time I cut my hair
  15. I wish I could wear bangs
  16. I still have very vivid dreams
  17. I am very unorganized, yet I try not to be
  18. I hate grocery shopping
  19. I love fall/winter
  20. I am very independent
  21. I hate liars & rude people
  22. If you're loved by me, I can be forgiving
  23. I am pretty traditional
  24. I am a realistic parent


  1. #25 You are one of the best friends ever.

    1. :b you are so sweet, thank you my dear friend.