LJP Facelift.

For those of you who know me, who really know me - know this about me.....I have ADD when it comes to design.  [that's a lot of knows ya'll]  I can never really stick to one blog/website layout.  I get bored with it, or the things I do not like about it eat away at me until I change it all together.  Not only do I do this for my blog/website design-but I also do it for my logos & print materials as well.

I can't help myself.  If only other things were not so cute.  So, having said that-I think I finally REALLY do like my website!  Check it out & let me know what you think!?



  1. Oh you say that...but I bet it changes again in 2 months. :D

  2. You're right about that Christine, however-so far there is not really anything I hate about this particular design - so I am hoping it will last at least 6 months hahaha. I am going to force myself to endure!!! If you haven't noticed, I also changed my personal blog layout-AGAIN! LOL! I can't stop! I am going to try though, to not change this one for 6 months too! Wish me luck haha :p :8

  3. :1 oh I love it, I hope you'll keep it for a while then.


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