Thursday, August 20, 2015

It's Ringing

I always think to myself that I never have time to call people, or answer someones call.  If I make a call, during my drive home work (my only daily downtime) and they do not answer, I am often annoyed & question my importance to them.  But when they call me, and I am busy-I just get slightly frustrated that they call me while I am having dinner, washing dishes or taking a shower.  They obviously don't know that is what I am doing, and I certainly can't guess why they didn't answer-they could very well have been doing the same thing as me-just being busy!

I have mentioned in the past about how I am a texting fool.  It's one way you can do all the busy things you have going on during the day & have a conversation - not at the same time-but during the small moments of down time.

But, it's so impersonal.  My daughter, for example, would much rather speak to me via the telephone or video chatting.  Which takes hours.  Sadly we don't get to see each other very much, and I try to make the time to do these long talks with her-but I hardly ever have the time.  I have to find it though-it's important to have these more intimate talks.  I am starting to realize that more and more.

I have two close friends that live out of town & we never get to talk on the phone either-from time to time we text, especially when watching the Walking Dead (hehe-Megan) but never voice to voice.  I have started to find myself a little disconnected, and slightly lonely because of how I have allowed myself to become.

So I have made myself a new goal.  I am going to schedule talk dates.  Who's with me?

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