Being Mom

I saw the top posted on facebook this morning & it really made me laugh & also made me think about the below post I found during my search for "Happy Mothers Day" images to share with my mom on MD2015.  Having said that, we have not spelled out words in a very long time since the boys can, ya know-spell!  But Miss O likes to repeat everything we say these days & so I have started spelling some things out rather then saying them when I talk to the hubs.  I don't really want my two year old to say "shit" and let's face it-I guess I shouldn't either-but ya know what, I do & I always have & I probably always will - so this is the best I can do at the time-haha.  And we do spend entirely to much time talking about poop (1st stage of potty training with O).  The boys, and this does include Billy, spends way to much time talking about "farts".  O & I are totally out numbered, for now.  Maybe we'll get a cat - lol!  Then they'll probably start talking about cat poop-so on the other hand, maybe being out numbered is alright for!


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