Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day

The boys had an amazing first day of school.  How lucky am I to have been home when they came rushing in from the rain to greet them.  Both soaking wet, but both with giant smiles on their faces to eagerly tell me about all the glasses they have with their friends, new friends that they made & even what they had for lunch, yes-what they had for lunch!

We chatted with each other for about 45 minutes before I sat down to fill out the dreaded yearly paperwork with the information that has never changed.  We have the same address, we are the same people, we have the same jobs, we have the same phone numbers.  I wish we could just say (nothing has changed) and be done with it.  But alas, I completed both sets of papers for the boys & then we played a round of dice.  One of the boys favorite games, thanks to Maw & Papa.

Here they are, my big beautiful boys-growing up way to fast.

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  1. Such handsome young men. They excitement to come tell you their stories is an testament to what a wonderful mother you are.