Come on Humans

What kind of world have we allowed this world to turn into?  A world where people who have been fighting for the rights to just be who they are without persecution of the government turn into people who want to fight other people who just want to live in this world without persecution of the government.  That's the kind of world we live in now.  People have fought for years and years to live a lifestyle that they want to live, that they believe in.  Not these same people are fighting against OTHER people who have been living that way all this while.  How is one persons belief so much more valuable than another persons?  Why does the government get to step in and tell someone how they should live their life, I mean, we're not talking about cheating the government of tax dollars or living off welfare.  We're not talking about going off the grid and living without power or any other humans around.  We're just talking about Christians.  People who truly believe in God.  If you're allowed to be openly what you are-why can't they as well?  I am not a devote religious person, I just am a realist and just listening and reading the news today makes no sense.  We have really turned into the most ignorant, cruel, hateful, offended & deadly society haven't we?

When I was a child, I heard someone say that humans were the cruelest most evil of all animals on this planet.  I had been bitten by a dog & so in my small mind I disagreed.  After being an adult, I firmly believe this.  People, let's just live & let live.  Let's love & be loved.  Let's enjoy the freedoms we have while not trying to take someone else's away.  Let's just be nice humans.

xoxo, Lela



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