No More Bikes

I think our family should all ban motor cycles.  First my sdad wrecked his bike driving to work, hitting a deer.  Then my brother Matt wrecked his racing back, racing up north...then this weekend my biodad wrecked a motorcycle he was working on.  All three of these guys had horrible accidents and horrible injuries.  Pray for my dad ya'll.

Do you Ipsy?

So my latest bag is just adorable and the contents useful.  I have earned enough points for some really cool freebies as well, that should be coming in next months bag.



Years in Review | Flowers, Trees & Weeds

xoxo, Lela

Being Mom

I saw the top posted on facebook this morning & it really made me laugh & also made me think about the below post I found during my search for "Happy Mothers Day" images to share with my mom on MD2015.  Having said that, we have not spelled out words in a very long time since the boys can, ya know-spell!  But Miss O likes to repeat everything we say these days & so I have started spelling some things out rather then saying them when I talk to the hubs.  I don't really want my two year old to say "shit" and let's face it-I guess I shouldn't either-but ya know what, I do & I always have & I probably always will - so this is the best I can do at the time-haha.  And we do spend entirely to much time talking about poop (1st stage of potty training with O).  The boys, and this does include Billy, spends way to much time talking about "farts".  O & I are totally out numbered, for now.  Maybe we'll get a cat - lol!  Then they'll probably start talking about cat poop-so on the other hand, maybe being out numbered is alright for!

LJP Facelift.

For those of you who know me, who really know me - know this about me.....I have ADD when it comes to design.  [that's a lot of knows ya'll]  I can never really stick to one blog/website layout.  I get bored with it, or the things I do not like about it eat away at me until I change it all together.  Not only do I do this for my blog/website design-but I also do it for my logos & print materials as well.

I can't help myself.  If only other things were not so cute.  So, having said that-I think I finally REALLY do like my website!  Check it out & let me know what you think!?

She & Me

So since Miss O's been born, I always get people telling me "oho your daughter looks so much like you, she's beautiful"; and Billy & I would just smile & say thank you.  Here lately, I get it more and more; even people in our family have said the same thing & they know our situation.  Billy himself was watching she & I rocking in the recliner and said "honey, I see what people mean"....and maybe it's just our facial expressions look similar or something.  What do you think?

Happy Birthday Granny

To celebrated Granny's birthday we all got together for lunch in Lake City at the Texas Road house this year.  It was so very hot outside but we did manage to get a few photos of the kids (and everyone else) with our sweetheart of a Granny!

Come on Humans

What kind of world have we allowed this world to turn into?  A world where people who have been fighting for the rights to just be who they are without persecution of the government turn into people who want to fight other people who just want to live in this world without persecution of the government.  That's the kind of world we live in now.  People have fought for years and years to live a lifestyle that they want to live, that they believe in.  Not these same people are fighting against OTHER people who have been living that way all this while.  How is one persons belief so much more valuable than another persons?  Why does the government get to step in and tell someone how they should live their life, I mean, we're not talking about cheating the government of tax dollars or living off welfare.  We're not talking about going off the grid and living without power or any other humans around.  We're just talking about Christians.  People who truly believe in God.  If you're allowed to be openly what you are-why can't they as well?  I am not a devote religious person, I just am a realist and just listening and reading the news today makes no sense.  We have really turned into the most ignorant, cruel, hateful, offended & deadly society haven't we?

When I was a child, I heard someone say that humans were the cruelest most evil of all animals on this planet.  I had been bitten by a dog & so in my small mind I disagreed.  After being an adult, I firmly believe this.  People, let's just live & let live.  Let's love & be loved.  Let's enjoy the freedoms we have while not trying to take someone else's away.  Let's just be nice humans.

xoxo, Lela

It's Ringing

I always think to myself that I never have time to call people, or answer someones call.  If I make a call, during my drive home work (my only daily downtime) and they do not answer, I am often annoyed & question my importance to them.  But when they call me, and I am busy-I just get slightly frustrated that they call me while I am having dinner, washing dishes or taking a shower.  They obviously don't know that is what I am doing, and I certainly can't guess why they didn't answer-they could very well have been doing the same thing as me-just being busy!

I have mentioned in the past about how I am a texting fool.  It's one way you can do all the busy things you have going on during the day & have a conversation - not at the same time-but during the small moments of down time.

But, it's so impersonal.  My daughter, for example, would much rather speak to me via the telephone or video chatting.  Which takes hours.  Sadly we don't get to see each other very much, and I try to make the time to do these long talks with her-but I hardly ever have the time.  I have to find it though-it's important to have these more intimate talks.  I am starting to realize that more and more.

I have two close friends that live out of town & we never get to talk on the phone either-from time to time we text, especially when watching the Walking Dead (hehe-Megan) but never voice to voice.  I have started to find myself a little disconnected, and slightly lonely because of how I have allowed myself to become.

So I have made myself a new goal.  I am going to schedule talk dates.  Who's with me?

Gossip & Me

Have you ever indulged in gossip?  I guess the answer will come back the same to every single person it's asked to, and that answer would be yes?  Do you feel better after involving yourself in gossip?  That answer may not come back the same when asked to different people.

If you were to ask me if it makes me feel better, the answer would be no.  And I know this about myself, yet I allow myself to slip into that dark little world of shit talking about someone I do not like (maybe even hate-dare I say).  I've never really hated anyone before-nor have I ever had these feelings towards another human being before-so I can only assume it's hate.  I don't wish them sickness, death or non-self induced suffering-so maybe hate isn't what I am feeling.

Before I go on, I want to put out into the universe how sorry I am for allowing myself to gossip the past couple of weeks.  I feel badly about the joy that knowing things are not going great for someone that I "strongly dislike & possibly hate".

I realize that Miss Karma doesn't need my help.  And I also realize that I probably am not creating the best karma for myself being a "gossiping hen", but I don't know how to stop myself.  It's almost like I am obsessed with knowing things-and I use the excuse that I want to be informed, but it is something deeper-I know.  The people closest to me, I know-are sick of me giving them updates & just talking to them about it in general.  I can sense it over the phone & in person-but that doesn't stop me all the time.  I spew it out like word vomit; not caring if they get it all over them or not (at first).

I pride myself on always taking the high road, as I am not someone that needs to show off my muscles or my skills to "win" a fight-I just be a good person and that to me is winning.  In my life, I know there have been people who have judged me as being weak because I didn't lash out or bitch slap someone, but it isn't like I didn't want to or even could have beaten someone down for insulting me, or hurting's just not the type of person I am.   I always see those type of people as trashy & not capably of intelligent thought.

But, then I gossip.  It's my dark side, I guess-the thing about myself I am the least proud of.

Half of Me

Part of me can handle this....the other half of me

& then I remember....

Somethings, things happen that make me doubt myself as a person.  Years of being insecure I guess.  Then, someone in my life reminds me of my real importance.  It is to be a mother, and a wife.  And do those jobs to the best of my ability.  They come first, they are the most important.  Thank you for the reminder son.  I love you kid.
[incomplete homework assignment-day 1 of school]

First Day

The boys had an amazing first day of school.  How lucky am I to have been home when they came rushing in from the rain to greet them.  Both soaking wet, but both with giant smiles on their faces to eagerly tell me about all the glasses they have with their friends, new friends that they made & even what they had for lunch, yes-what they had for lunch!

We chatted with each other for about 45 minutes before I sat down to fill out the dreaded yearly paperwork with the information that has never changed.  We have the same address, we are the same people, we have the same jobs, we have the same phone numbers.  I wish we could just say (nothing has changed) and be done with it.  But alas, I completed both sets of papers for the boys & then we played a round of dice.  One of the boys favorite games, thanks to Maw & Papa.

Here they are, my big beautiful boys-growing up way to fast.

First Day of School

They really are growing up way to fast.  Today is Xander's (in red) first day of middle school.  Weston's first day as a 7th grader.  Good thing Xander has a big brother going to school with him today, as he was rather nervous about starting middle school.

xoxo, Lela

The End.

How much does friendship cost & what does it mean to you?  To me, it's at least worth ending in a classy and respectable manner.  Taking the high road isn't always easy, because you never get to really say how you feel-or explain yourself.  It takes courage beyond belief to just wash your hands of it & walk away.

It's been coming for a very long time.  I've been shown the door many times, but always refused to leave.  I guess out of some sort of unspoken loyalty.  It's okay, I am okay.  I wish I could have said my peace, like you-but I refrained because it's not worth it.  If it were worth it, we wouldn't have had the conversation to begin with.

Vacation 2015

This year, we did a couple different things for our family summer vacation.  For the first part of vacation we went camping with my parents.  We had a gorgeous spot right on the Gulf of Mexico-right on the water-that's right.  I took a ton of iphone photos & they can be found on my personal instagram account @lela.johnson.  We had a great time, the boys fished & Olivia and I colored, went out on the boat, swam & walked around the camp looking at fiddler craps & fish.  The second part of vacation we went to Daytona and stayed at our favorite hotel (Sun Viking Lodge).  We had such a great, relaxing time.  The boys love the pools-but especially love the pool that has the slide.  The beach was calm & wonderful.  Olivia loved the pool so much that she could cry every time we took her out to go back to the room to eat,  She also loved going out on the balcony.


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