Out with the Old

The rising cost of food is putting a damper on my mood.  I remember a day when you could get a grocery cart full of food for about $150, yesterday-not even a full cart cost me almost $300 and that didn't include proteins (Meats).  It's like I need to take out a second job to afford the basic needs of my family these days.

On a happier note-while I complain about the cost of food, I did a little ME shopping as well for a few new tanks for summer.  It's hot out there ya'll!

Now, I did this after I did an extensive clean out of my own closet.  Well, I should say phase one is complete.  Now hopefully, this weekend I can complete phase two.  Friends I used to give my clothing to have since moved away & now I am stuck giving it all to good will.  Someone will be lucky-there is a lot of really nice things being bagged up!

The newness?

And those of you that know me, know I love me some sleep pants.....soo of course I threw in another pair of those:
And while I was at it, I threw in a new suit for Miss O & a cute tank!  Billy wasn't happy, but he'll get over it lol (he says I buy her to much "crap".  As if!!!

News Flash

News flash, little girl that is quickly aging into an old ugly bitter lady....taking someone that doesn't belong to you (or trying to) will never leave you happy in the end.  Sure you smile now, feeling accomplished in your nasty deeds-thinking you've won.  But what have you won really?  You won someone that would leave the person they promised to love through thick and thin?  You won someone who lies, sneaks around & does a damn good job at it?  Do you somehow think that you're above that happening right back to you?

Being ignorant, such as yourself-you've probably never heard of "karma".  Let me give you a brief education on that.

Karma-The sum of a person's actions in this and previous stats of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.  (destiny or fate, following as effect from cause).

If you're still confused about what it is, what you give you get back-in other words.

I know, I know you probably don't believe in such ancient Buddhists or Hinduism ways.  But to be fair, you also don't believe in the Christian ways either-since.....you're a lying, cheating, scum bag.

Here's a thought? Cultivate a relationship with someone that isn't attached in any way shape or form to another individual.  I know, crazy right?  Start off on the right foot, creating a sound beautiful relationship with someone that doesn't hurt other people.  Be honest with the people who love you & honest with yourself.

I understand that you live in such a life that you just don't see any good ones unattached, but lets face it-you're not a catch either.  Hence why you bounce from one to another, you're good for one thing right now..and I am sure you're not stupid enough to not understand that but maybe you are-you're only good for screwing right now.  Make yourself a better person & a better person will come along.

I am sure that karma will bit my ass for saying such truths-but they have been said to you before, you just think people are lying or they are jealous.  And that in itself makes me laugh.  Hell, maybe no one has said these things to your face - I can't be sure-nor do I care.  I think most people just have to much class to run their mouths & try to openly hurt other people.  I know that is the pedestal stand on along a lot of times.

Close down coochie lane & get your shit together-for the love of yourself & the little people looking up to you!

Just a typical Saturday Afternoon....

xoxo, Lela


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