Friday, June 26, 2015

We all have to choose....

In life, we all have to choose what to do in certain situations.  In my own life, I have had to make several hard, painful & important decisions for myself & my family.  During these trials reactions have been different from everyone.  People I figured would cast stones didn't & those I never thought would, did.  It just goes to show you never really know people-you just never do.

Those stones used to hurt me, and sometimes I still find a little pebble in my shoe that gives me discomfort.  I used to allow them to stay, step on them-feeling the pain.  Now, I just throw it out.  I don't live in those places long term anymore.

But the wonderful thing about being a human is we have free will.  We have the ability to decide for ourselves, and as adults we certainly have even more rights to our own free will.  I for one do what I want to do, for the most part.  Having said that, I always try to take how it may affect other people-into consideration.  The reason I do this, isn't because I am weak, scared or sensitive-it's because I have learned from my past and adapted.

I sit around and watch people that are not really in my life, but are associated to me in some way make huge mistakes that cost them lots (money, family, friends & much more) not just one time, but over and over again-and not just with one person or one situation but several situations & with several people-and they never learn, they never adapt & they certainly never see that it's them that make their selves so miserable.

I certainly am not perfect and I never pretend to be.  But I do care, I care about what I do, what my family does & what perfect strangers do.  I want the best out of all of us, and I always hope for it to.  We have to stick together, help each other & learn from each other.

I feel very happy and very lucky to be so far away from what I used to be and so much closer to what I want to be and what I've always wanted to be.  I get to keep what I love and hold dear, while I watch others loose it & gain things they don't even really want.  It's sad actually, I used to think it would make me happy to see someone "get what was coming to them" or see "karma at work" but it's not.  It's just sad & pointless.

I guess that's all I have for today.  Love and be loved ya'll!

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