We all have to choose....

In life, we all have to choose what to do in certain situations.  In my own life, I have had to make several hard, painful & important decisions for myself & my family.  During these trials reactions have been different from everyone.  People I figured would cast stones didn't & those I never thought would, did.  It just goes to show you never really know people-you just never do.

Those stones used to hurt me, and sometimes I still find a little pebble in my shoe that gives me discomfort.  I used to allow them to stay, step on them-feeling the pain.  Now, I just throw it out.  I don't live in those places long term anymore.

But the wonderful thing about being a human is we have free will.  We have the ability to decide for ourselves, and as adults we certainly have even more rights to our own free will.  I for one do what I want to do, for the most part.  Having said that, I always try to take how it may affect other people-into consideration.  The reason I do this, isn't because I am weak, scared or sensitive-it's because I have learned from my past and adapted.

I sit around and watch people that are not really in my life, but are associated to me in some way make huge mistakes that cost them lots (money, family, friends & much more) not just one time, but over and over again-and not just with one person or one situation but several situations & with several people-and they never learn, they never adapt & they certainly never see that it's them that make their selves so miserable.

I certainly am not perfect and I never pretend to be.  But I do care, I care about what I do, what my family does & what perfect strangers do.  I want the best out of all of us, and I always hope for it to.  We have to stick together, help each other & learn from each other.

I feel very happy and very lucky to be so far away from what I used to be and so much closer to what I want to be and what I've always wanted to be.  I get to keep what I love and hold dear, while I watch others loose it & gain things they don't even really want.  It's sad actually, I used to think it would make me happy to see someone "get what was coming to them" or see "karma at work" but it's not.  It's just sad & pointless.

I guess that's all I have for today.  Love and be loved ya'll!

Happy Fathers Day

xoxo, Lela

Olivia in the Sunshine

Olivia modeling for me in the sweet sunshine!

Yorktown Virginia

Man I missed this kid while he was at AIT....love you all!

A Walk in the Woods

love my family....
xoxo, Lela


This comic strip really speaks to me!  The first man in the story was my husband, almost three years ago.  The second man in the story is also my husband, almost two years ago.  Notice how his heart is patched up too.  Betrayal doesn't just hurt the one who was betrayed.  You can stay in a broken marriage, if you work to fix it.  It doesn't matter WHO popped the balloon, in the end-it's a choice.  Is it worth it!?

Lauryn and Matt

It was so fun working with Matt & Lauryn capturing these shots.  They just were so in love, and so sweet it was fun to spend the day walking around with them at the gorgeous Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville Florida.

Lauryn has a big heart and a big story, she is ex-military and cancer survivor.

What a warrior, right?  I hope you'll love these as much as I did!

To Many Things

in an effort to making my life easier-I have almost decided to delete my personal instagram and just focusing on posting images on my @lelajohnsonphotography instagram page.  IDK, I feel like I have 100 email address, 100 instagram pages, 100 websites or blogs....and I really want to try to simplify my already hectic life.  I have also put into my thought process as well, deleting this personal blog-but I simply love writing random things & posting images that do have no business focus.  Does anyone else struggle with having to much of everything?  Am I the only one?  Does anyone even read this blog.  Help me make up my mind for me....<3

In our news-HAPPY FRIDAY!


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