Stay Calm, It's my Birthday!

Well, today I celebrate being another year older & another year wiser.  I heard recently, that I don't look like I am as old as I am.  I guess that's a compliment?  I am not sure what come people's obsession with "my" age is, but I guess if people are talking about you-you're important right? LOL!

Today, I feel wonderful.  IT's been an amazing day so far.  I have received several messages wishing me a happy day & am going out to lunch with my very good friend in just a an hour.

I can't wait to see how the evening will end with my lovely fella's tonight!

Oh & this is the really cool headband my darling sister Molly gave me on Mothers Day for my birthday (since we wouldn't be seeing each other)  Don't mind the redness of my cheeks & the long-ness of my face-not really sure what's going on with that.....just look at the headband lol!



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