Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Selfie vs. Photographer

Why does a selfie look so different then a photo taken by someone else?  Is it because when we are taking a selfie we can actually see ourselves & we pose ourselves how we'll look best & sometimes-the person using the camera doesn't?  I have always tried to make sure that I made my clients look & feel the very best when taking their photos.  I have not received complaints-so have I?  That I do not know.  I only even bring this up because I took a selfie over the weekend & I felt young, vibrant & cute...and then I had my husband take some head shots of me for my website & when I look at the photo I feel my age.  Which isn't a bad thing, I am far from being "over the hill" but I do not feel young & vibrant (and cute).

And I have tried to take photos of me using a trigger & a tripod but I ended in results similar to what my husband produced.  Maybe it's that I look so pissy?  I am not 100% convinced I would make a great subject lol!

Does it even look like the same person?

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