Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Another Mother's Day has come and gone.  This was my first MD without both Gavin & Teresa.  And though we had the boys and a house full of family, I still missed them a bunch.  My sweet mother in law tried to comfort me in saying that we'd all be together soon-that they'd move closer once they've lived a little outside of the nest-but ya know, I am not sure....I think I have done to good of a job making these kids secure enough to stand on their own feet & really live without me.  It's bitter sweet.

I got this message from Gavin "Thank you so much mom for giving me the tools to survive outside the nest. I couldn't of done anything I'm doing now without you, you were my first trainer lol you trained me to be a good person and gave me an awesome since of humor. You gave me soooooo much and I realized how spoiled I am! You're the best mom anyone could ask for and I hope I can continue making you proud heart emoticon
 I love you mom and I cannot wait to see you"

Well I certainly am proud of him, he's a wonderful child & well, a wonderful man!

Just a few random pictures that I was able to capture throughout the day with the iPhone.  The one of me sitting of course, I didn't take that-that is all thanks to my darling husband-who knows I can't stand having my photo taken (thanks babe-sarcastic growl).

In other news, he's okay-walked away with minor cuts, a dislocated collar bone & a shattered hand/wrist that had to be fixed in the OR....my Brother Matthew wreaked his motorcycle at the race track in Georgia on Saturday running about 100 MPH!  Crazy!!!  He's so lucky!

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