Selfie vs. Photographer

Why does a selfie look so different then a photo taken by someone else?  Is it because when we are taking a selfie we can actually see ourselves & we pose ourselves how we'll look best & sometimes-the person using the camera doesn't?  I have always tried to make sure that I made my clients look & feel the very best when taking their photos.  I have not received complaints-so have I?  That I do not know.  I only even bring this up because I took a selfie over the weekend & I felt young, vibrant & cute...and then I had my husband take some head shots of me for my website & when I look at the photo I feel my age.  Which isn't a bad thing, I am far from being "over the hill" but I do not feel young & vibrant (and cute).

And I have tried to take photos of me using a trigger & a tripod but I ended in results similar to what my husband produced.  Maybe it's that I look so pissy?  I am not 100% convinced I would make a great subject lol!

Does it even look like the same person?

Holly & Brian | Gainesville, FL

Such a sweet and loving couple.  I just love working with them.  Holly is soft spoken and kind and Brian is a hard working, ex-cheerleader (I like to tease him about that).  Together they make a very handsome couple, don't you think?  Don't you just love that bamboo?  Makes me want to grow some in my own outdoor studio.....

Baseball Season, coming to an end...

What's been keeping me busy!

Last Game (Majors)

Just a few photos from our last game, where we beat the other Fort White team 10-0!  Fantastic job boys!!!  Next stop, AllStars :)


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