I needed some help...

So several weeks ago I was having lunch with a dear friend & was complaining about how I just had the hardest time remembering things, and keeping up with my very hectic & busy life.  She laughed and said she'd never manage without her "brain"....showing me her small spiral notebook where she kept her to-do lists, her grocery lists & other important calendar appointments.  What a brilliant idea, why hadn't I thought of this sooner.  I had been shopping in the office supply area of Target & Walmart before & seen cute 1/2 notebooks before-why hadn't I thought to purchase such an item to jot down my thoughts & lists?

Well, my mind was racing at the possibility of actually remembering things-but after our lunch, I quickly forgot to stop by the store to get a notebook-alas, my problem....just can't keep up!  I remembered soon enough when I received a slurry of emails regarding scheduling sessions-and having a LARGE NOTEBOOK planner at home, and the requests coming in during the day while I was away from my home office-I had to respond to each of them "I will get back to you with some dates when I am at my studio office".  Why don't I have a purse size planner!?  Alas, I remembered THE BRAIN I was in much need off.  Did a web search for a planner & a brain-so they could work side by side to keep me on track!  You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a 2015 planner in April 2015.  I did eventually find one I could wrap my head around buying at a low price under $7.  And it has a matching brain!  Cute cute cute, I am so pleased.  This should hold me over until the new 2016 planners are put on the market, I think I hear a Kate Spade planner & notebook set in my future.

But maybe I'll just buy another one of these gems from www.papersource.com!!!

Summer is HERE!!!!

I love summer, but I never have enough warm weather tops it seems.  Well, not as many as I would like that I feel great in.  And what woman doesn't want to look & feel great?  Okay, so maybe there are a few - they show up at Walmart in their jammies-but I am not one of those ladies-ya dig?

I like sheer material, I like banded bottoms, I like 3/4 length sleeves & I like prints.  Bam.  I ordered these today-to wear with: jeans, skirts, capris & shorts


Sweet O, Sunday Afternoon

Everyone was sick at our house this weekend, so I didn't get many photos of the family.  Luckily for us our little O was feeling better and so I did take the opportunity to take a few photos of her in our room, after a much needed deep cleaning.  Here are the results:

Not sure what it is....

Do you ever feel like you carry the weight of most of your relationships?  I wonder if all people this way from time to time.

I just seem to really go out of my way stay in touch with friends that live instate & out of state, yet they don't seem to bother to do the same.  I don't feel like they don't care for me because of their decisions to stay to themselves, but I feel as though from time to time it would be nice to get a little "hey Lela, I miss you-I hope you're doing good" or just a "hey".

Sometimes I wonder if I am not a great person, and maybe that is why people decide to never reach out.  Maybe they are.  I don't know what the answer is-I just often feel alone.


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