This is an unofficial blogging of the West family, these photos have also been shared on Facebook.  I am so lucky to be able to work such amazing families.  This family I have worked with several times before, as the family grows.  I am also so very lucky to have such good looking clients & friends.  I met Megan years ago when she started working at UF in the same area as me in Large Animal at the Vet School.  IDK that she liked me right away, she was a bit guarded.  But I knew I liked her right away & I guess I chipped away at her tiny wall & we became great friends that do not spend nearly enough time together.  She has been with me through my darkest hours, listening to me & giving me wonderful supportive advice.  She is truly an amazing young mother & young woman.

Mamabear & her newest cub!

 Another bad facebook compression version.  But you can't stop cuteness.  Do you spot the cow patty?

 I love the look on Mr. Morgan's face!

This is who they call "chubs" and he is so darling.  This photo was was stolen off facebook, by me since I was away from my computer & loaded via my phone.  The way facebook changes images gets me down-but even bad compression can't change the cuteness in this face.  I promise to post the best versions on my photo blog & you can view them here www.lelajohnsonphotography.blogspot.com later :)



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