Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer Time

Well, the kids sure are growing.  Summer sure did get here fast too.  The boys, well they have seemingly grown out of all their summer clothes from last year & so has Miss O of course.  I just filled her closet & dresser up with cold weather clothing-now, it's time to get the bathing suits & shorts for the Sunshine State weather it's known & loved for.

Mom called me yesterday on my way home from work to let me know that the pool was ready for swimming & we were welcome to come over and swim (even if they are not home) with the kids.  Tomorrow is my last day at work before spring break & so we are probably going to take her up on that sometime next week (maybe daily).

We have not decided what we are going to be doing during spring break.  We don't want to spend to much money, so we'll probably do day trips & eat out a lot instead of traveling to a resort for the week at the beach (though I would love that).  Xander has put in that he wants to go to Wild Adventures & Weston wants to go skating and bowling.  They BOTH want to swim.  Xander even mentioned renting a water slide and inviting a bunch of friends over & having "a bunch of good food cooked by you"....I guess the boy likes my cooking.  All really fun ideas, wish we could do all of it.  Wonder how much it costs to rent a water slide? LOL!

Gavin is doing great, called me yesterday while I was at work to just tell me he loved me & that he was loving the training he was getting in the army.  I am proud of him.  He's going to be going to Alaska for a few years after he's done with AIT.  He isn't sure that he wants to go there, but you know he doesn't have much say when it comes to that sort of thing, lol!  He'll learn that quick.  Heck he should have learned that while in basic training ha. Teresa is doing good, working a lot & not really enjoying the dreary weather in Portland.  I think she longs to come back to Florida for a nice long hot beachy visit. I wish she would come for a long visit, I miss her like crazy.  Alex and her want to buy me a plane ticket out to Oregon for my birthday & mothers day (how sweet is that).  I need to figure out some time I can make that happen.  Weston & Xander are both in the mist of playing Spring Ball.  Weston is steady on first base and Xander is playing short & has been doing some pitching as well.  So far we have won both games.  They will have a tournament coming up in May (three days of baseball) fun fun.  Olivia has been living with us four days a week now (yay) and so she is at every game as well & has surprisingly done very well.  The only complaint I can make is that she eats ALL THE SNACKS, or tries too.  I guess she gets bored and wants to eat haha.  Baseball isn't for everyone haha.

I have a two page list of "things to do"....wonder if I'll ever get them completed?  Uggg.  So little time, so many things to do!  Well I guess on that note, I need to get to it!  LOVE & BE LOVED!

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