Macen's 4th

This past weekend, we celebrated Macen's 4th birthday at Lake Grant.  We had a great time.  My sister made spaghetti, garlic bread & salad for dinner.  It was fantastic, the sauce was homemade-which honesty-even though it had green peppers in it-it was fabulous.  Click here for the recipe, you won't be sorry.

I am going to cook a big batch of this over the weekend, bag it & freeze it for quick meals during baseball season.

I took my new (used) back up camera with me, so I could snap a few photos of Olivia while she was playing with her cousins.  I also wanted to get a few of the birthday boy as well.  My goal was to shoot in monochromatic all day long.  I did shoot most of the images captured during the day that way, but then towards the end of the evening I had to snap a few of Olivia in color so I could show off her sweet little outfit & the soft colors of the new overalls we bought her.

I hope you'll enjoy!

I should also add, another reason I decided to switch to color was after I shot this little girl, and her blue blue eyes.  Beautiful.

And to explain this last photo, all day long-O was sitting in these chairs & wiggling and playing around until she got herself into this position.  All day long we were getting her out-this particular time-it upset her that she did this (to the side of us) & we didn't jump right up to get her out-no child was actually hurt during this stunt :)

Jimmy & Danielle | Fort White, FL

Are these guys not the cutest?  Jimmy is a young man that I have known for several years, he is my son's very good friend from high school & now Army Buddy.  Jimmy has spent many, many nights (weeks) at our house during junior and senior year for one reason or another.  I just recently met his new sweet are they?  Good luck young people - good luck!


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