Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Being selfish....

I spent 1/2 a day just doing something for myself recently-something most people do all the time, something they may even take for granted that they even get the opportunity to do it....going to the salon.  I know, crazy right-but I never get my hair done.  I have not had it cut in two years, I had it colored about a year ago.  It had gotten terribly long, so long that I finally took the scissors to it myself, rather then take what precious time I needed to focus on my business-and focus on myself.  Pathetic.  I wasn't raised to be a high maintenance type of girl, I am simple and easy to please for the most part when it comes to caring for myself.  I like simple, easy & quick.

So I did just that, got a simple hair cut & a simple color.  I took off about three inches myself before I went to see my new BFF Aaron who took off an additional 9 or 10.  I feel great, and I look even better-younger I was even told.  Yay me!  Oh and goodbye to the four gray hairs too.

It just made me realize, or it reminded me that it's okay to be selfish every couple of months.  I swear I was so excited I almost went and got a pedicure!!! LOL!  But alas, I remembered it was WINTER and I am wearing BOOTS 1/2 the time anyway.

But getting this done, made me realize how much I have let go in my life.  How I have given up on my passion for just shooting what I want-I am shooting of course, but doing what other people want, making the extra money-but my creative side isn't shining.  I've become more indecisive and not very passionate about my work.  So I need to kick myself in the butt and get refocused and get myself and my business organized and back on track.

It's funny how life can derail you from....well, life!  GO FIGURE!

Keep me in your prayers...lol :)

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