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Emily | Cedar Key, FL

I just love Cedar Key and when I was asked to shoot a co-workers step daughter there I jumped at the change.  Emily is just the sweetest young lady and I was very happy to meet her.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to meet her grandmother (a fantastic lady), and her sister who was in town visiting (another fantastic lady) well....good luck kiddo in College.....


One of the best things about owning your own part time photography business is that you have the luxury of only shooting when you want to & only edit when you want to - said no photographer ever.  I feel so swamped right now, I am in the process of editing three sessions & have five sessions left still to shoot for the year & a big wedding next month.  Uggg.  Where will I find the time?

I receive emails almost daily from moms asking about Holiday Photos & have had to turn down several people because my wait list is to long already.  This is the part that sucks about only shooting part time, working full time & having active boys in sports, oh and a one year old.  This evening, the boys will be playing their next to the last baseball game for the fall ball season & I will be there of course, I never miss a game (unless I am sick).  But the entire time, I'll be worried about all those photos that need to be edited & uploaded for my clients.

Ah well.  I am very very pleased, on the other hand, to have been blessed with some amazing clients this year!!!  Thank you all :)
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Few Shopping Bags

It's not often that I get to splurge on a few things for myself, well today I did!  Eeek.  I shouldn't have since I have a mini vacation coming up with my friend Yvonne (who will be in town in 7 days) but I have been working so hard lately & my calendar is all booked up with fall sessions, Christmas sessions & a wedding next month-I deserve it!  Yes?  Good!

 & some other amazing free samples of stuff that smells great (well at least I hope it smells great-lol)  What would be great is if these items, clothing mainly-come in before my trip with Yvonne.  I should have asked for quicker shipping, rats.

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No. The answer is no.

It's been almost a year since my niece has been born. Right out of the hospital, she came to stay with my family for a few months before being moved back closer to her parents home.  During that time period, my own family was dealing with O coming into our lives & just getting settled emotionally with all things surrounding that.  During the process of having my niece move in for a few months, my husband spread the word to some family.  One of the comments made at that time was "I bet Lela is happy!"  At the time, I didn't have time to really think about their comment-didn't have time to really process it & give them an "answer".  But Miss S has moved out and is since been reunited with her parents, so I want to answer the question/or comment on that statement once and for all.

The answer is no.  No I wasn't happy that my darling little precious niece was taken away from her parents at birth.  No I was not happy seeing my sister & her husband in pain having their newly born daughter fostered over an hour away from them.  No I was not happy that I had to leave my job on medical leave for three months.  No, I was not happy that I had to get up 3-4 times a night with an infant I wasn't ready to take care of 24/7 in the aftermath of having O every weekend.  No I was not happy that I had to miss a significant chunk of my boys playing ball due to the situation.  No I was not happy having strangers poking their noses into my life.

The answer is yes.  Yes I am happy that my darling little precious niece was able to stay with us for a few months.  Yes I am happy that I have a job understanding enough to allow me to take paid medical leave.  Yes I am happy that I had enough sick leave to cover this time out.  Yes I am happy that she was a great baby & didn't really have any issues.  Yes I am happy that she has been reunited with her loving parents.  Yes I am happy that I was not to old to be able to get up 3-4 times a night and still some what function during the day.

Now having said that, I want to say also that I am very insulted still that you would smugly say something so heartless-not just towards me but towards my sister.  How could you possibly feel that something like that would make anyone happy!?  Did you feel like I was desperate for a "child" of my own & I saw this as an opportunity for Billy & I to "have" a child of "our own"?   Let me clear that up as well while I am at it, no.  No I didn't feel that Miss S was brought into our lives to be "our" child.  We didn't take her on to raise, we simply took her into our home, as my niece, to take care of until she was reunited with her parents.  We never for a second thought she would be "adopted".  Just to be perfectly clear-WE NEVER THOUGHT WE WOULD BE ADOPTING MISS S.  Or did you simply feel that having Miss S live with us for a short period of time would sidetrack me from the O situation?  Trust me, I was busy taking care of the tiny female-but still had time to think about the giant one that is associated with O and we'll just leave it at that. lol.

In closing, I will never ask this person why they said what they said, but I feel comfortable with finally being able to give them an answer, even if it isn't to them directly.  It's out there in the universe now.

Davis Kids

Well, I was lucky enough to round the Kids Only Mini Sessions to an end with the Davis Boys.  This is the second time I have been able to work with this cute family!  Feeling kind of blessed about that.  One of the boys, Tanner (2nd Oldest) plays on the same team as Weston & Xander-so we have gotten to know his family a bit.

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Davis Children | Fort White, FL

This is probably my favorite session of this crazy set of siblings to date.  Mom was a bit frazzled when she got to the location, how could she not-she is raising FOUR BOYS.....but once we got her situated the boys and I had a good time snapping a few photos.....

Mr. Ashland

Click here to view the blog post of this handsome little guy!  ENJOY!


This year, I plan to spruce up the home.  I feel the need, the house certainly must because she's been complaining lately LOL!  Maybe just adding a few new throw pillows & changing the curtains/or rugs-pictures on the walls will help!  My "theme" or "decor" has always been a little rustic/Americana-I don't feel like my style has changed much-but there sure are some cuter things out there then when I first decorated my home.  Time for some freshening up!

Living Room Ideas

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