The beautiful view!

Love my new Gator scarf...always a fan ya'll!

Autumn Essentials

To cute not to share!  Click here for where it came from!

Note from Georgia

After being gone for two weeks we finally heard from Gavin.  He called me at work yesterday first, the conversation was only two seconds long-just long enough for him to tell me he was good & he loved me.  Made me tear up, it wasn't just me that teared up but it made our entire front office tear up when I was telling them about the call.  All moms, so they all understand.

Got home from work yesterday & we had a note in the mail box from him too.  NO return address on the envelope OR on the letter-but it was great to hear from him.  I miss him so much & hope he's doing better now since these was obviously written a week ago.  I know from what everyone says, the first week is the worst.

Pray for his safety, comfort and strength.

Syndey & Dawson | Fort White, FL

Some of these were client worthy, some were just fun :)  Hope you'll enjoy!

Be a Nice Human

Could ya please.

Selfie & Cool App

HEY HEY, so here is a cell phone selfie, my favorite...yeah well maybe not favorite-but I get bored easy & want to do a mini session with someone & sadly the only one really 1/2 way willing that is close by is, well myself!  Go Me!  Anyway...Check out the new APP for iPhone if you want.  It's fun!


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Updating My Look a Little

He's in the Army Now

I won't say must, just share a few photos because this truly has been a difficult weekend for our family!  We'll miss him & we are proud of him!

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Happy Birthday Grace

We won't be seeing you on your special day, but know we are thinking about you!

Mary Lambert - Secrets (Official)

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Today has been a long & some what emotional day.  One of Billy's friends lost his sister recently, and the entire story is just so tragic and sad that I have a hard time even thinking about her family & what a loss they have all experienced.  But out of support & respect, Billy & I went to the get together the family was having in honor of this sweet lady this afternoon.  Unfortunately, we had made other plans to to have an early dinner in High Springs with Gavin, Janice, Mike, Alecia, Steve, Sydney, Dawson, Ralph, Kristen, Jonny, Billy, Olivia & myself.  This was in celebration of Gavin leaving on 10/21 for basic training.

Busy crazy loving and sad day!!!!
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Well, TWD fans....just 4 more days & the show starts back up.  I am pretty excited....yes!!!


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